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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Canceled? Emma Leaks The Truth

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Emma Johnston may have just dropped a bombshell on fans regarding whether 7 Little Johnstons has been canceled. Tragically, fans of the wholesome families on TLC have learned that Sweet Home Sextuplets will not return for another season. Adam Busby also hinted that he and Danielle had news to share about the future of OutDaughtered. Unfortunately, his somber post all but confirmed the Busbys also would not be returning for another season. Will 7 Little Johnstons be on the chopping block as well?

Turns out, Emma Johnston did a Q&A on one of her social media platforms recently. She encouraged her fans and followers to drop questions. Emma did her best to answer questions for several hours. One of the biggest questions fans had was simple. What did the future hold for 7 Little Johnstons? Would TLC cancel this series as well?

7 Little Johnstons canceled? Emma Johnston leaks the truth

During her Q&A session, one fan asked if Emma Johnston knew how many more seasons of the show they could look forward to. The 7 Little Johnstons star replied “hint hint hint” before answering the question. She noted they were filming a total of 20 episodes and then “that was it.” Looking at the history of the show, the seasons of the series are typically 8 to 10 episodes long. Filming 20 episodes means the network is probably filming two seasons at one time.

7 little johnstons - emma & alex Johnston youtube

So, based on Emma Johnston’s answer, it sounds like the series will have at least one or two more seasons. Season 11 of the series is currently airing on television. So, it sounds like the family has plans to do a Season 12 and possibly a Season 13 before pulling the plug.

Sadly, Emma Johnstons’ response did confirm 7 Little Johnstons was being canceled by TLC. Her answer did not clarify if this was a network decision or if the family decided they were ready to stop being in front of the camera. Emma, however, did make it pretty clear she was hinting that the series had been canceled

Presently neither TLC nor anyone else in the family has confirmed what Emma Johnston is telling fans on social media. She, however, really doesn’t have any reason to say something like this if it isn’t true.

Are you bummed to learn 7 Little Johnsons may have also been canceled? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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  1. I love watching 7 Little Johnstons. But yet you’ll keep the black family with 14 kids. The mother is disturbing to me and now she’s talking about having more kids? Darcy and Stacy take them off. They look like plastic dolls and not in a good way. Please keep 7 Little Johnstons on because they’re not fake.

  2. TLC is no longer a favorite of mine.
    Can’t have normal every day families on but boy the can sure throw out all the sex shows (90 day fiancé and the others) that give off immoral lessens, Stacie and Darcy – they have so much Botox in them it is terrible- Darcy needs to put clothes on, and we won’t talk about the same sex relationship’s, and then these kids wanting to change their gender…you don’t mess with or change what GOD created. The shows they are taking off at least gave off the impression of what loving and caring family lifestyle is about. No one is perfect (The Duggars) and all have the right of freedom of speech (The Bates Family). And as far as I have heard Out daughtered and Sextuplet’s have canceled on their home.

  3. I have kept cable because of some and I say some of the clean shows you have on tv. Now that the little couple, and now possibly 7 little Johnson’s going, take off Little People Big World, especially Matt Roloph, all he does is screw Amy around. Treats her like shit until she HAD to move and now has it listed for 4M. What will Amy get of that for putting up his crap all those years. And Caryn, that woman is so sick in the head, what does she see in him except $$$$. Take that show and the others mentioned above off. There are not too many shows on tv that we can watch that are clean and wholesome, no wander our children are going to pot, all the trash they see. I know I will no t be keeping cable long.

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