‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Why Doesn’t Dr. Now Embrace Calorie Journals?

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Guests on My 600-Lb. Life need to make lifestyle adjustments in order to meet their health goals. Although Dr. Now tries to help them along the way, not every guest successfully completes the journey.

But what does Dr. Now think about calorie journals? Keep reading to find out what Reddit users discovered.

Would My 600-Lb. Life guests use calorie journals if they had to?

Different people need different weight loss methods. But My 600-Lb. Life fans noticed that Dr. Now doesn’t seem to use calorie journals with his patients.

“Why do you think Dr. Now doesn’t make them all keep a calorie journal and ask to see it at each appointment?” the original poster asks. “The only way I’ve ever lost weight is by tracking my calories (and being honest about it!)”

“Probably because they would lie anyway? It’s not like they are going to write down 20,000 calories a day,” another user replied.

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Many My 600-Lb. Life guests do struggle with food addiction and it’s not uncommon to see episodes where guests do eat this much every day. Other users suggested that a lot of the guests either don’t understand how to count calories properly or just end up cheating.

“I don’t think most of them even comprehend how to measure calories. Or rather, don’t care to learn how to measure. Because they’ll SAY ‘oh I’m definitely not going over 1200 calories’ but we see no indication that they weigh or portion out their meals,” someone else said.

In several episodes, we do see many patients say they’re following Dr. Now’s diet explicitly. However, the doctor determines many aren’t telling the truth when he checks in on their progress. A calorie journal may not exactly help here if people aren’t willing to be truthful.

What does Dr. Now’s diet plan actually look like?

Although Dr. Now does his best to help patients stick to their weight loss goals, some find it easier than others. Lisa Ebberson said in her episode that she found the diet to be “confusing.”

While some My 600-Lb. Life guests might find the diet difficult to follow, it’s not really confusing at all. He advises patients to eat no more than 1200 calories a day and to choose healthy choices at all times. This means cutting out refined sugar, limited carbs, and including lots of lean proteins and vegetables.

The goal is to help patients lose as much weight as possible on their own so they can qualify for bariatric surgery. After surgery, they’ll need to stick to the healthy diet plan to avoid gaining weight again.

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