Lifetime's Dying to Belong, used with permission

LMN’s Fearless Females Continues With Lifetime’s ‘Dying To Belong’

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LMN continues their Fearless Female week with Lifetime’s Dying To Belong.

Dying To Belong stars Favour Onwuka (Trigger Me, Just Add Romance), Jenika Rose (Crimson Point, Inspirare), Shannen Doherty (Charmed, Mallrats), June B. Wilde (Presence Of Love, Batwoman), Karen Holness (The 100, The Christmas Promise), Jamie Kaler (Tacoma FD, Will & Grace), Veronica Long (Advice To Love By, A Little Daytime Drama), Heidi Bauman (For You, Gone Mom), William Matzhold (Superman And Lois, Charmed), Jamila Hall (The Deep Web, Hannah Swensen Mysteries), Jackie Wong (Cupid, Best Self), Madeleine Steuart (IZombie, Sidewalkers), Sebastian Greaves (Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story, Time For You To Come Home For Christmas), Synto D. Misati (The Magicians, Firefly Lane), and Halle Galloway (The Twilight Zone).

Caitlin D. Fryers (Wynonna Earp, Private Eyes) wrote the script. Gail Harvey (Virgin River, Private Eyes) is the director.

Lifetime’s Dying To Belong is the remake of the 1997 movie. Ready to learn more?

What Is Lifetime’s Dying To Belong About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, journalism major Olivia (Onwuka) meets Riley (Rose), a shy freshman who suffers from anxiety, and they become fast friends. Riley, whose mother Katherine (Doherty) was a legacy Pi Gamma Beta, decides to rush in hopes of following Katherine’s footsteps and is ecstatic when Olivia joins her.

Olivia senses the opportunity to go undercover to write a story about hazing practices. However, she soon discovers there are deadly secrets involved in being part of the “sisterhood.”

When Can You Watch Dying To Belong?

This Fearless Females movie airs on Tuesday, March 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Lifetime's My Best Friend's Secret Life, used with permission.
Lifetime’s My Best Friend’s Secret Life, used with permission.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s My Best Friend’s Secret Life

Right after Dying To Belong is Lifetime’s My Best Friend’s Secret Life. This movie stars René Ashton (Catfish Killer, Christmas In Pine Valley), Nicolette Langley (Betrayed, Party From Hell), Rachel Turner Pusey (Dancer In Danger), and Philip Boyd (Bloodbath, MindReader).

My Best Friend’s Secret Life airs on Tuesday, March 22, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when teenager Maggie (Langley) makes a new friend in the cool, edgy Laurel (Pusey), she’s thrilled. However, Maggie soon realizes she’s being groomed for something much worse than a best friend. Moreover, it’s up to her mother Kate (Ashton) to save her.

Start With Lifetime’s Secrets On Sorority Row

Fearless Females starts the evening off at 6 p.m., Eastern On LMN, with Secrets On Sorority Row. This fearless thriller stars Kristi McKamie (Rapture Camp, Melons), Lauren Buglioli (Florida Man, The Neon Highway), and Kate Edmonds (Bearclaw, My Stolen Life).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Michelle (McKamie) is thrilled for her daughter, Quinn (Edmonds). Quinn is going to pledge the same sorority she and her best friend, Stacey (Buglioli), pledged when they were in college.

Moreover, she is especially happy when Quinn becomes friends with a fellow sorority recruit, Lucy (Hanks). However, Michelle starts receiving anonymous threatening letters. Therefore, she worries a dark secret she shares with Stacey has come to light.

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