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Kylie Jenner Scolds Fans & Changes Newborn Baby’s Name?

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have made a shocking decision regarding their son Wolf. Turns out, they really don’t have a son named Wolf anymore. The couple made the decision to drop the name Wolf in exchange for something else. Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram Stories recently to explain the decision.

Kylie Jenner kuwtk youtube
Kylie Jenner kuwtk youtube

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott no longer have a son named Wolf

The KUWTK star took to her Instagram Stories to announce a big decision. After some heavy debate, Kylie and Travis decided they were going to drop Wolf’s name. The reality TV personality explained they just decided Wolf was not the right name for their son and it didn’t fit him properly. So, they filled out the necessary paperwork to have it changed.

Kylie Jenner proceeded to explain why she decided to talk about the decision to change their son’s name. She was seeing stories and headlines involving her and her family all over the place. She, however, noticed they were identifying her son by the name “Wolf” and that was no longer his name.

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Did they reveal what they changed his name to?

Naturally, the biggest question Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott fans had at this point was simple. What did Kylie and Travis decide to change their son’s name to? Fans will recall Kylie caught a lot of heat for naming her son something so bizarre and unique. The reality TV star was later accused of copying her former best friend Tammy Hembrow’s son’s name.

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So, did Kylie Jenner and Scott Travis reveal the name of their son? Turns out, Kylie’s shocking Instagram Stories update was simply to scold everyone for using the wrong name to identify her son. Her post, however, neglected to reveal what they decided to change Wolf’s name to. Fans assume it is only a matter of time before Kylie and Travis decide to reveal his name. Some fans speculate they might be making sure the new name is right before sharing it with the world.

Are you surprised Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott decided to change their son’s name? Do you think they buckled to the backlash they received for choosing the name Wolf? Or, do you think they genuinely didn’t think the name fits their son?


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  1. She realized she didn’t really want people to think of Wolf Blitzer every time they said Wolf Webster…..

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