Kim Kardashian Requires Legal Custody Agreement With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Requires Legal Custody Agreement With Kanye West [Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

Kim Kardashian is requiring a legal custody agreement with Kanye West. The Kardashians star is flexing her legal muscles. She is open to reaching a “formal” agreement with her ex-husband. Though a judge declared her legally single, their divorce drama is ongoing.

Kanye took to social media to express his frustrations against his ex-wife. He claims that she’s not willing to meet his needs when it comes to the custody of their four children. Ye also takes issue with their joint custody agreement. His words have come back to bite him as he’s facing serious consequences.

Kanye West puts their personal issues on blast

At the time, Kanye didn’t care about the consequence of his actions. He put their family issues on blast. The rapper claimed that Kim Kardashian didn’t want him to spend time with his kids. He also took offense to the way she’s been parenting their 8-year-old daughter North West.

Kanye also claimed that she didn’t want her kids to attend his Sunday Service. Yet, Saint West was spotted with him at a basketball game. Kanye claimed that Kim Kardashian almost made it not happen. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Pete Davidson tried to defend her, but that only made matters worse.

Kim Kardashian Bed Selfie [Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
Kanye West went on a tirade, that cost him his Instagram account. The tech giant banned him for 24 hours, yet he’s still not back on the social media app. Instagram took initiative after Kanye made a racist slur against late-night host Trevor Noah. Also, the Grammy Awards have barred the “Jesus Walks” rapper from performing at the 2022 event.

Some fans think he should be allowed back on social media. Others fear that Kanye will only get worse once he’s allowed back on Instagram. Kim Kardashian hopes that the two can finally work out an agreement behind closed doors. She wants the court to get them on the same page.

Kim Kardashian makes her latest move in the divorce battle

According to a new report, Kim Kardashian is open to letting the court to let them reach an agreement. She’s holding out hope for a “formal custody arrangement” when it comes to their children. Kanye has no chance to talk about it online. So, she’s hoping that the court will side with her while he’s banned from Instagram.

“Kim thinks they need to have a formal custody arrangement in place for their kids,” an insider told “For a long time, she was okay with doing the casual arrangement, but she knows that the casual arrangement isn’t going to work when he is saying that she is not playing fair and that she is not adhering to their joint custody arrangement.”

Kim Kardashian Wants To Negotiate With Kanye [Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
The Skims founder thinks this is the best option. This will make Kanye think he can see his kids whenever he wants. Despite their drama, the two continue to co-parent their kids. Kim wants to put this agreement in writing as soon as possible so she can finally move on.

Once the custody agreement is set in place, the exes can finalize their divorce. But, she will still have to deal with future public shaming by Kanye on social media. Even though Kanye is quiet now doesn’t mean he will be quiet forever. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Kim Kardashian.

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