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‘1000 Lb. Sisters’ Chris Combs’ Latest Post Has Fans Concerned

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Chris Combs has a lot of good things going for him right now. He has a job, a beautiful wife, and a lovely family. Chris had successful weight loss surgery. And, he’s dropped tons of weight. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can tell Chris both looks and feels like a new man. In fact, some fans admit they would love for him to be the star of the show for Season 4.

Chris Combs Youtube

Despite everything going great for Chris Combs, there is something he’s missing in his life. There is one thing he has realized he really needs. Unfortunately, this one thing he needs in his life has 1000-Lb. Sisters fans pretty concerned. Is Chris Combs going to fall off the wagon? Is he not continuing to take his diet seriously? What is it that the TLC star admits he needed that has fans so concerned? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Chris Combs fantasizes on Facebook

On Facebook, Chris fantasized about something he said was missing from his life. Turns out, he daydreams about desserts. At first glance, the TLC personality shared a snapshot of a massive banana split dessert. He admitted that he really needed one of these desserts in his life.

Chris combs Banana Split Facebook

The photo Chris Combs shared features four large bananas split in half. It looked as though the banana splits might’ve been made with yogurt instead of ice cream. The split bananas were piled high with raspberries, blackberries, almonds, and granola. While the treat looked to be a relatively healthy dessert, thoughts who are familiar with My 600-Lb. Life Dr. Now’s diet knows most of the components of this dessert are a big no-no.

Is he going to fall off the wagon?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans had some pretty big and justified concerns regarding Chris Combs. Fans were worried Chris would fall off the wagon because he seemed to imply the diet was just a short-term thing to get to weight loss surgery. Likewise, fans are also looking at Amy and Amanda who have both had the surgery and both appear to be slowly putting the weight back on.

1000 lb sisters Chris combs Youtube

Now, Chris Combs could just be doing what everyone else does and living through a picture. But, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans want him to be successful. So, they don’t want to see him fantasizing about something he should not have.

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