Will Daniella Karagach Perform On ‘DWTS’ After Her Serious Injury?

Daniella Karagach from Instagram

Will the reigning Dancing With The Stars champion be back in the ballroom this fall? We can’t be so sure yet. Daniella Karagach suffered a pretty serious ankle injury as the ongoing DWTS tour wraps up.

Fans are really concerned about her health and wellbeing — but they also want to know if Daniella will be able to perform this fall.

Daniella Karagach departs from the DWTS tour after her injury

Injuries in the professional dancing world aren’t at all uncommon. But dancers heavily rely on their ankles. So an ankle injury like Daniella’s may need a lot of time to heal.

Daniella Karagach/Instagram

Following her injury, Daniella uploaded a video documenting the incident as it happened on stage during a performance. She lands wrong during a jump and immediately goes down to the floor. Her partner scoops her up and carries her offstage.

“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to those sending me prayers and well wishes,” the dancer captioned the video. “I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so much love and support. We are still waiting on the surgeon to confirm if surgery will be needed but as of now, all we know is that I broke my ankle and sprained it as well. Pasha’s parents are literal angels and are here taking care of me. I’m doing great and I’m in the best hands. I love you all. Thank you💜”

Daniella Karagach/Instagram

Daniella Karagach absolutely loves what she does — but understands that her health comes first. If she isn’t fully healed by the start of the next season, she may have to sit it out.

Major shakeups might be happening backstage

ABC hasn’t renewed Dancing With The Stars for Season 31 yet. But if the network does opt to renew the show, it’s likely we’ll see new episodes in September.

We can’t be entirely sure what will happen this season, but there are already a few shakeups going on behind the scenes. Executive producer Andrew Llinares parted ways with the show recently.

Rumors also continue to swirl that Tyra Banks is responsible for the show’s lower ratings and may be out as hostess. Of course, we can’t verify if that lies in fact or not.

If the show does come back in September, fans really hope Daniella will be fully healed in time. She’s become quite popular with the fans ever since she made her debut as a pro dancer in Season 29. It’s clear to see why she’s the Season 30 champion.

Will you watch Dancing With The Stars if it comes back for another season? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We’ll fill you in as soon as we know more about Daniella Karagach’s condition.

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