What Are The Highest Ranking Shows On ‘Netflix’ Streaming Charts Now?

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Nick Davis

Netflix is coming under a lot of flack at the moment for raising their subscription prices. Pair that with the fact that many consumers say their original content no longer has any kind of consistent quality. But even with many customers beginning to question their loyalty to the veteran streaming service, Netflix still dominates the charts.

The streaming-tracker Nielsen tallies the number of minutes viewers are watching shows and movies from across a number of popular services. And the numbers, along with the most popular current shows, may just surprise you.

The Netflix Charts

Currently, Netflix originals hold the top 3 spots for streaming shows. Inventing AnnaLove Is Blind, and Ozark hold the top 3 spots. 4th place then goes to Amazon Prime’s Reacher adaptation. But Netflix’s streaming domination reveals not only how successful their content still is, but also how diverse. Those top 3 shows are all vastly different. Inventing Anna and Ozark are both mystery dramas, but with vastly different tones. Ozark takes up gritty crime elements while Inventing Anna is more light-hearted and also loosely based on real-life events. To top that all off, you have Love Is Blind, one of the most ridiculous concepts for a dating reality show that people can’t get enough of.

ozark netflix
Ozark, a highly-successful Netflix original.

Beyond the top 4, Netflix sweeps up nearly every other spot with a mix of its original and acquired content. Sweet MagnoliasNCISCocomelon, and Criminal Minds take places 5 through 8 in that order. Only one of those is a Netflix original. But the success of the other shows Netflix still has a mind for obtaining what people want to watch.

It’s worth noting that Nielsen doesn’t account for HBO Max. The streaming giant has opted out of being included in the tally. This notably alters the rankings, as HBO’s popularity guarantees it to have at least one show or movie on the charts every week.

NCIS, one of Netflix’s acquired shows.

Minimal Competition

When you think of Netflix’s competition, you might overvalue how much they truly compete. According to the current Nielsen charts, there’s not a single Hulu show or movie that breaks the top 10. Netflix has control of nearly the entire thing, with little victories from Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video as well. Apple TV also doesn’t seem to be able to keep up next to those giants.

Will it remain that way or is there some way that Hulu and Apple TV can capitalize on viewers becoming wary of Netflix? The quality isn’t in question. Both Hulu and Apple TV have original content with critical and fan acclaim behind them. Shows like The Handmaiden’s TaleRunaways, and The Morning Show with Jennifer Anniston and Steve Carell. But without the wide, global reach that Netflix has, these services may never be able to keep up.

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