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Jon Gosselin Takes Daughter To 1k Steak Dinner Before College Sendoff

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The Gosselin sextuplets will be turning 18 this May. It’s a very emotional time for their father Jon Gosselin, who only has custody of Hannah and Collin.

But even so, he’s here to support his kids and send them off in style. Keep reading to learn more about the fancy meal Jon and Hannah had before she enters the real world this year.

Jon Gosselin wants to celebrate his children’s next big milestones with a bang

In the past, Jon Gosselin said he’s really worried about his kids’ ability to manage money responsibly. And that’s exactly why he enrolled Hannah and Collin in personal finance classes.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the sextuplets are going to come into a lot of money once they hit their 18th birthday from their time filming with TLC.

The publication reports that the kids will “receive 25% at age 18, 25% at 21, 25% at 25, and 25% at 30.” This system is to help ensure that the kids can’t blow all their money before their 19th birthday.

But even so, Jon Gosselin is not above spoiling his kids when it’s appropriate. The Sun recently had a chance to talk with an inside source about Jon Gosselin’s future as an empty nester.

“Jon can’t believe his kids are almost 18,” an insider told The Sun. “He wants to make sure he makes the best of his last year with Hannah and Collin. He still has high hopes that when his other kids turn 18 they can make their own decision to hopefully rekindle their relationship with him.”

Hannah is about to attend college, while Collin is going to join the military.

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Apparently, Hannah is wildly excited about attending college at the University of Miami. And Jon Gosselin really wanted to celebrate with his daughter. They reportedly had an amazing steak dinner at Papi Steak — which allegedly cost over $1,000.

We already knew that Jon was spending some time in Miami recently. Hannah’s college visit definitely explains all of this. He joked that he may permanently relocate to Miami, but it seems more likely now that Hannah will be attending school there.

How often does he get to see his other children?

Sadly, Jon Gosselin doesn’t have a lot of contact with his other children. He even said in previous interviews that he hasn’t spoken with the twins, Mady and Cara, in eight years.

The other four children live with their mother, Kate, in North Carolina. The relationship between Kate and Jon Gosselin remains tense, so it’s difficult for the children to go back and forth.

But once the children turn 18, they’ll have more say over their living situation. Do you think any of them will visit their father more often once they become adults?

Let us know in the comments and keep following us online for more on Jon Gosselin and his family.

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  1. No I don’t think he will have relationships with others. Hannah rebelled and doesn’t care about others. Colin has mental and anger problems. Military either will help or make it worst. I do believe Jon has anger and mental issues. That carries over to the two children he supposedly keeps. 1k steak supper does not make up for being good involved father. Colleen seen him for what he is and was. Hope Hannah and Colin do reunite with Kate and siblings at some point. Try to understand why it went the way it did. Being lenient not good parenting. If Kate too strict she needs to relax some. But from the bottom of her heart she wants her kids to be good responsible adults. Cara and Maddie good example. Hannah probably self involved and will become a narcissistic entertainer.

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