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‘Joe Millionaire’ Carolyn Moore Reveals Kurt Sowers Contacted Her Post Show

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It seemed like Joe Millionaire contestant Carolyn Moore and Kurt Sowers were a sure thing. They had an instant connection and it continued until the very end. However, fans and Carolyn were shocked when Kurt decided to choose Amanda Pace over Carolyn. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, Kurt and Amanda had already called it quits by early December. So, Carolyn is speaking out about Kurt and revealed he did contact her the show ended. Keep reading to find out more.

Carolyn Moore reveals what happened post-Joe Millionaire

Reality Steve recently spoke with Carolyn Moore following the Joe Millionaire season finale. She shed some light on things that happened during the show as well as things that happened post-show.

When asked if Kurt Sowers had reached out to her after his relationship with Amanda went south she said, “I would answer that with, is my name, Carolyn?”

Carolyn Moore via youtube
Carolyn Moore via youtube

Carolyn said she knew exactly when they ended because this was when he started commenting on her Instagram stories and sending her DM’s. So yes he reached out to her fairly quickly after he and Amanda broke up. So, what did he say at first? She said, “He apologized for not picking me essentially. And admitted that he made a huge mistake.” Carolyn also noted that Kurt wanted to meet up with her privately.

Since then there has been a lot of communication between these two. When asked if there could be a reconciliation between them she simply said if it happens it happens. She noted she’s not really worried about it right now.  However, she then also noted that she ended things a few weeks ago. Time will tell if they pick things back up again.

How she felt during the show

Carolyn was confident throughout Joe Millionaire that she would leave with Kurt. She noted they could have entire conversations with just their eyes.

He told her how she is the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen multiple times. According to Carolyn, at one point he even asked her how he was supposed to pretend to date the other women knowing all he wanted was her.

As for how she felt when Kurt told her it was over, she felt he had wasted her time.

Carolyn also dished that she knew from night one it was Steven with the money. She said she’s worked with individuals with a lot of money and therefore was able to pick Steven out as the millionaire.

What did you think about Kurt picking Amanda over Carolyn? Should Carolyn and Kurt try again?

Stay tuned for more updates on whether or not there will be a Season 2 of Joe Millionaire. 



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