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‘Joe Millionaire’ & ‘Bachelor’ Worlds Collide? Annie Shares Details

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Did Joe Millionaire and Bachelor worlds collide? Annie Jorgensen spilled the tea on the rumors surrounding her and a Bachelor Nation favorite. Keep reading to find out more.

Joe Millionaire and Bachelor worlds collide?

Fans loved Annie Jorgensen on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. It was tough to watch when Steven McBee sent her home after the two seemed to really click. Annie had even revealed she was falling for him. Now that the finale has aired and everyone has had time to heal, there are some rumors that have been floating around about Annie and a Bachelor favorite.

Annie recently appeared on Reality Steve’s podcast. She spilled the tea about these rumors involving none other than Tyler Cameron. Fans went nuts when the rumors started. Annie and Tyler together would be great. The two already have the second-place factor in common. However, she shut the rumors down on the podcast.

She did confirm she ran into Tyler in a New York City bar. It seems the rumors appeared to be more than they truly were. Annie said of their meeting, “It truly was just a coincidence. I was at a bar with friends and in walks Tyler Cameron.”

Her friends wanted her to go talk to him but she was very hesitant to do so. Just by chance, he was standing at the bar next to her so they struck up a conversation.

Tyler Cameron via YouTube 1
Tyler Cameron via YouTube 

What happened?

As it turns out the rumors were blown out of proportion and there was nothing more than a little conversation. The two ended up speaking for about five minutes while standing at the bar.

Annie said they did briefly talk about the traveling the contestants got to do on Joe Millionaire. However, she wasn’t allowed to talk about it all much since the episode hadn’t aired on television yet.

This was the extent of their time together. They also never contacted each other after that meeting. She promised to let everyone know if anything changes.

Annie’s time on the show

The podcast also touched on who Annie was drawn to first. She admittedly did like Steven as he was more her type. However, she did try to focus on Kurt at first to think outside the box so to speak. In the end, she was drawn more to Steven.

She was 99% sure Steven was going to choose her in the end. She didn’t realize until it was down to the final four that Calah was into Steven.

As everyone knows now, Steven chose Calah on the finale. Steven did however reach out to Annie just prior to the finale airing on television. She said he sent her a nice note wishing her nothing but the best.

What do you think about Annie running into Tyler Cameron? Would they make a cute couple?



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