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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Stand Behind Katie Maloney

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Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz just announced they were ending their marriage. Though Tom mentioned not taking sides in his statement, viewers can’t help themselves. Recently, a lot of support has come in for Katie over a bevy of reasons. Fans are standing behind the former SUR-ver and podcaster, believing this is the beginning of a brilliant new chapter.

Vanderpump Rules OG Couple- Never Really Perfect?

When the series premiered in 2013, it followed Lisa Vanderpump’s chic and sexy restaurant/lounge SUR. The staff appealed to Bravo viewers, especially since they were all intertwined. Katie Maloney was dating “mactor” Tom Schwarz and had been for two years prior. They seemed very much in love despite lingering cheating allegations. Furthermore, they both had a penchant for alcohol which caused their personalities to dramatically shift. She would lash out at him, her persona becoming “Tequila Katie” and would often rage text in the heat of the moment. Tom still had to atone for being unfaithful, pouring a beer on her head, etc.

Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz Live Separate Lives Amid Split Rumors [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
After several years together, Katie gave Tom an ultimatum that he had to propose within six months or it was over. He managed to stick to it but the time leading up to the wedding was filled with diabolical fighting and disputes. LVP was supposed to officiate their wedding but almost didn’t as she felt they were not quite ready for the commitment. Ultimately, they made it down the aisle and rediscovered why they had fallen in love in the first place. Ups and downs continued to follow yet they maintained they were consistently getting stronger.

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Fans often wondered how they stayed together when Tom was often irresponsible. However, Katie still loved him and vice versa. He was working on new ventures, TomTom as well as another bar with Tom Sandoval. One big venture Katie wanted to pursue was starting a family but it wasn’t panning out. Viewers, as they had for years, wondered if there was any hope for the couple. Eventually, they announced it was over. Though no sides were to be taken, in the public eye, this is impossible.

Standing By Katie

Yes, Tom said there was no need to take sides, this was never going to happen. According to The Sun, Vanderpump Rules fans fully support Katie’s decision to move on from her marriage. As aforementioned, Tom Schwartz was not the model husband. He had cheated on her twice, prior to them getting married and post-nuptial, blaming it on being blackout drunk. Additionally, when they were trying to conceive, the doctor told Tom what he needed to do to improve their chances. He blatantly ignored it, according to what cameras caught in Season 9. Finally, he let Katie be the fall guy whenever he had an issue with Sandoval and never truly had her back.

Katie Maloney Credit: Katie IG

Fans took to Reddit to share how much better off Katie will be as a single woman. “Katie is going to have no problem finding a new man,” one noted. Another added: I certainly hope she goes and lives her best life. Her and Tom were toxic AF and a lot of it was rooted in her resentment for things he never truly atoned for and when the wound is consistently open and festering, you get stuck in the cycle.” People just think she will now be able to show the best version of herself.

Do you think Katie will be better off without Tom? Let us know in the comments below.


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