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Todd Chrisley Ask For Condolences: ‘She Is With Our Heavenly Father’

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Tragic Chrisley Knows Best news as Todd Chrisley asks for condolences while confirming the death of someone very dear to his heart. “She is with our heavenly father,” he penned in a beautiful tribute. Filled with sadness, the reality TV father shared a video of his mother Nanny Faye, and her sister Francis.

Chrisley Knows Best Francis Chrisley - Fanny Maye
Chrisley Knows Best Francis

Filled with sadness, Todd Chrisley asks for condolences

Todd Chrisley took to Instagram to share tragic news with Chrisley Knows Best fans. Someone very near and dear to the family had passed away. In Todd’s saddening Instagram post, he reveals his aunt Francis was dead.

It’s with great sadness that I share the news that we lost my aunt Francis today but with joy to announce that she is with our Heavenly Father, she was one of the most amazing women ever and my mother’s best friend, please keep us all in your prayers.”

The family previously sought prayers for Francis. As we reported back in November of 2020, Todd’s brother Randy took to Facebook to reveal Francis was in need of prayers. He said she was having surgery. But, he did not reveal any other details about the surgery at the time. A few days prior, however, he also broke the news that aunt Francis was battling cancer.

Francis Chrisley - YouTube
Francis Chrisley – YouTube

Randy penned: “Could everyone please say a prayer for my aunt Francis. She has cancer and is going to start treatments very soon. She is loved by so many and especially by my mom. They always love to be with each other. Please keep her in your prayers as she fights this horrible disease.”

Chrisley Knows Best fans mourn her passing

Todd Chrisley’s Instagram followers were quick to send up lots of prayers in the comments of his sad news. Fans admitted they had heavy hearts for Nanny Faye who they feared would have the most difficult time coping with the passing of Francis.

Chrisley Knows Best - YouTube
Chrisley Knows Best – YouTube

Rest in peace, Francis. Our thoughts and prayers will be with your sister Nanny Faye, your nephew Todd Chrisley, and the rest of the Chrisley Knows Best family as they mourn your passing.

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  1. So sorry to hear of loss of Aunt Francis loss praying for all the family Nanny Faye.Many prayers sent at this time. Enjoyed your tv series so much. God All families, friends, and loved ones.🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  2. God be with the family. They loved her I loved when Todd said his mother was Lonely. He went and got her sister and brought her to the home so that they would they would be together. Then they went to Black Friday I couldn’t stop laughing then when they where going hunting Todd put blanks in guns. To funny. My 95 year olds mom love it. Sleep Francis with the The Lord. Amen🕊🕊🕊

  3. Prayers for your family, my mother and I just love your show, you family has brought alot of happy memories to us, thank you, prayers for u and your family

  4. Prayers for your family, my mother and I just love your show, you family has brought alot of happy memories to us, thank you, prayers for u and your family

  5. Thank you for sharing Aunt Francis with us, she was funny, loving, and so easy going. Prayers to your family and God Bless REST IN PEACE AUNT FRANCIS.Hope Nanny Faye is doing okay. Love your show thanks for all you share with your fans again ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

  6. Condolences to all of the family in the loss of Aunt Francis. May God bless each and everyone of her family. So happy to hear she is a believer in Jesus and is in heaven today.
    God bless Aunt Francis. 🙏❤️🙏❤️

  7. My Heart is sad for you n your Family. Lost isn’t easy your BEAUTIFUL FAMILY Have each other . At times am sure your feeling Alone. Am sure Heavan had wide open arms. BEST YOU ALL

  8. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Aunt Francis I could tell she was a very special lady with a pure heart. Nannie Faye and her had a special bond.I am a fan of your show and I loved when Nannie Faye and Francis would get together and get into some fun trouble together.Sending a big hug and prayers to you and your family.

  9. Soo sorry to hear about the death of your aunt Francis. She was an absolutely feisty woman and she will be missed.

  10. So very sorry sending love and prayer for the entire family and just know your show is amazing and I personally want to thank each of you for bringing fun and laughter to my home.

  11. So sorry to hear of Aunt Francis passing loved her on the show my deepest sympathy to the Chrisley family especially Granny Faye.

  12. Was sad she was even put on the show but seemed they thought she could bring humor as she had aged and was quite confused much of the time, even getting her lines confused which on the shows Faye corrected her…..she was used as a pawn and not treated well by Faye at times which also aired on a few episodes but i hope she rests in peace and is not here to see her nephew go to prison….i guess Faye will be lost without her son to buy her homes and cars and he will be lost without her…..but crime does hold a price.

  13. I am so sorry to here of France passing my heart and prayers are with you all and i love you all i will continue to pray for Todd and all your family .i would give anything for all this stuff to pass and have peace store back to your home .i know God will take care of all .i will continue to carry all of your family in my heart and prayers .i hope you all can continue to bring happiness to our home with your tv show please try to keep your heart and mine on something happy people will judge you to make you all feel. Bad but remember they ant know one that hasn’t done something in life .but people don’t want to look at there self but i wish you all love and happiness .

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