Exclusive: New Season Of ‘Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue’ Preview

Gold Rush fan-favorite Freddy Dodge is loved by cast and crew alike. His popularity earned him a spinoff from one of Discovery’s most significant franchises for his series called Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue.

A new season is back, and TV Shows Ace got the jump and the preview exclusively.

Joining Freddy is his right-hand man, Juan Ibarra, the mechanic you want in your corner if a dozer or a plant goes down.

The two help other miners right their wrongs in the gold mining business, fixing problems and redesigning wash plants so the flow is smooth and the gold output is a profitable endeavor.

About the new season of Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue

The spinoff series features Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra, the two go-to men for the core cast of Gold Rush when problems arise.

A Colorado native and a long-time miner, Dodge can read a poorly performing mine. And with Juan Ibarra, the two can usually plot out a fix for the miner to save them time and money.

Ibarra is an expertly gifted fabricator and mechanic as pragmatic as they come and combined with Dodge, the two are invaluable for anyone running a big washplant in trouble. Together the two have over 40 years of experience.

The series takes the duo from Montana to Alaska to the Yukon to Colorado, as struggling miners call upon Dodge and Ibarra’s mine-saving consultations.

In this series, Freddy and Juan offer up solutions, insights, and “bush hacks” that will up the gold production for the client.

This second season comes after a new episode of Hoffman Family Gold and will be available to stream the same day on discovery+.

Discovery says:

Everyday people have caught the “gold fever” and are trying their hand at running a gold mine but without the background, tools or experience to be profitable. After investing everything into their operations, many are on the brink of bankruptcy and need expert help if they are going to keep their dreams alive.

And keeping to this premise, Freddy and Juan travel all across the continent to turn these failing operations around.

The new season challenges

This season, the two travel further north to Alaska; they help a widower fulfill a promise to his young daughter and his
late wide to turn their struggling mine into a profitable business.

In Colorado, they help a father and son resolve some issues and deal with a significant clean-up problem. In British Columbia, the two face a resistant “off-grid prospector.” And in Oregon, Gold Rush veteran Jim Thurber hires Freddy and Juan to help pal with their 130-year-old claim out in Oregon turn into a commercially viable mine.

Wherever they land, they must figure out how to increase gold production. It could be as simple as location scouting or even tweaking of existing machinery, requiring a complete washplant overhaul. Freddy and Juan are determined to fix each mine they are called on to help. But, will these two miners ever hit the gold motherlode with all their combined knowledge?

This series is produced for Discovery Channel by executive producer James Bates and showrunner Richard Cracknell.

Gold Rush Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue new season begins April 1st at 9 PM on Discovery and discovery+.

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