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Ysabel Brown An Exact Duplicate Of Beautiful Mother, Christine?

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Ysabel Brown has newfound freedom since undergoing her scoliosis surgery in 2020. Additionally, she moved to North Carolina to attend university so that has been a further gamechanger. Once these life changes started to take place, so did Ysabel’s style. Within the same time frame, her mother Christine made some big leaps in her life, as well. Now, fans are starting to notice the similarities between mother and daughter that just cannot be denied.

Ysabel Brown Leans On Mama Christine

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Janelle and Christine truly took charge of their own households. With Kody’s overly strict rules, his second and third wives struggled to keep their sanity and husband coming around. He made the decision to rotate between the three households for safety measures. As for Meri, she was all but a friend at the time so he would check in occasionally. Yet, he wanted to see his children but found it difficult as he believed his wives were not taking the rules seriously. He felt they were letting their children be disobedient. With Christine, Kody disliked how much she traveled and went into town. Therefore, he rarely came around.

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Christine Brown – Ysabel Brown Instagram

He never saw the intense pain Ysabel’s scoliosis was causing her and why she was opting for surgery. Luckily, her mom did, obtained insurance, and found a great doctor in New Jersey. They were able to get an appointment despite Kody’s fears. He may not have shown up or supported them but Ysabel had Christine to rely on. As she ventured into her new life as a strong and tall college girl, her mom started her free single life. They both had a new glow about them and now fans are noticing they could be doppelgangers.

Are They The Same Person?

Some of the family recently went on a trip to Disney World. In some photos posted to social media, fans could not help but notice how much Ysabel Brown looked like Christine. Especially when they were surrounded by her siblings. It was such a duplication, a Reddit thread was created to discuss it. “She’s 100% Christine,” one commented. Another added: “Christine made a whole little gang of little Christine’s. They all look so much like her.”

Credit: Christine Brown IG

However, more Redditors believe in addition to Ysabel, Christine’s older daughter Aspyn looks just like her, too. “I think Aspyn and Ysabel look a lot alike and both are younger versions of Christine.” They do look so much alike with the long blonde hair and constant smiles. Now that Christine and Ysabel have found their peace, it makes them even more alike in so many ways.

Do you think they are duplicates? Let us know in the comments.

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