Gender Swap? See Kody Brown & His Wives Transformed

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Since Kody Brown and his sister wives first burst onto the scene, fans have been fascinated by their lifestyle. Yet they also questioned if women could ever have brother husbands. It seemed like a legitimate question for those who do not subscribe to a polygamist lifestyle. Furthermore, some of the Brown women have contributed so much to the family, it seemed they wore the pants. Seeing this, one fan thought it would be fun to do a little gender experiment. The results were unbelievable, to say the least.

Kody Brown’s Strong Women

When Sister Wives first began twelve years ago, Janelle was the core workhorse in the family. She openly admitted that she preferred to work outside of the home. This was where third wife, Christine complimented her as she was the perfect homemaker. She was the “yes” woman who cooked, cleaned, and raised their combined thirteen children. As for the first wife, Meri, she had been working but lost her job due to her chosen lifestyle and was attempting to attend school. Robyn came in with three children but was not working and never really seemed to care. As the series went on and the family left their home in Utah, the women became much more independent, having their own homes to run.

Sister Wives Secrets [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Meri decided she wanted to buy an old family home to turn it into a bed and breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She had been selling LuLaRoe long enough she was able to come up with the down payment on her own when the family had issues helping. Christine also was into MLMs as was Janelle who had obtained her real estate license in Las Vegas with Christine. The three were both financially independent whereas Robyn had tried a family business but ultimately gave up. With the three no longer needing Kody as a “support system,” the gender roles had truly reversed.

Gender Bending Sister Wives

Kody Brown realized he was not the king of his castles during Season 16. Someone decided to make this a reality and gender swap Kody and his wives. A Redditor caught wind of this, decided to share it, and followers had a lot of opinions on the gender swap. A few felt Meri looked like Will Ferrell while someone believed Robyn looked like Taylor Hanson. As for Kody? “How does Kody look like Britney Spears?! As a man he looks like Beast from Beauty and the Beast.”

Kody Brown Credit: Reddit

“Not gonna lie it’s like they shoulda all been this way from day 1,” another added. What does Christine look like? Fans thought either Bill Paxton, Robin Williams, or Steve Zahn. It is said now that this version is out, viewers cannot unsee it.

What do you think of Kody Brown and his wives as the opposite sex? Who do you think they look like? Let us know in the comments.


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