‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Shares Unrecognizable Throwback Pic

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Ever wonder what Pawn Stars fan favorite Chumlee looked like as a child? You don’t have to ask anymore. He has recently shared a “When I Was A Young” throwback pic.

What did his fans have to say?

Pawn Stars Chumlee Shares ‘When I Was A Young’

On Sunday, Pawn Stars’ Chumlee shared on Instagram, a photo from his young. In his goofy chum-way, he wrote a caption that read, “when I was a young.”

The accompanying photo is a feast for fans. In the photo is a very young, very fresh-faced Chum. He is maybe 15, 16-years-old, he has a total, adorable baby face!

He is standing next to a flame-haired young lady. Her short and shaggy hair is dyed a vibrant, dark pink. She has an unlit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

She is looking at the ground, but Austin Lee Russell is looking away from the camera, and almost behind her.

Based on the posters on the wall, it looks like could be in a teen’s bedroom. Maybe it is her room?

Chum’s fans were quick to the draw to share their opinions. Moreover, Chumlee even responded, and it is clear that this young lady found her calling early in life.

8574.tim asked, “Was That Your Girlfriend.”

Chumlee replied, “no my sister best friend growing up still get my hair cut by her.

8574.tim responded, “your Still The Man.”

Next, pindaddy6969 asked, “Was that the 90s?”

Chumlee responded twice. The first time, “probably 98ish.” Then he corrected himself, “actually probably 96ish.” That would mean that Chum was 14 or 15 years old!

Next, treasure_laine commented, “Your still fun, & Very Young.😂”

Another fan, cbxweb wrote, “Hardcore Chumlee 🤘🏾”

Lastly, another fan, ado.urbina, said what we are all thinking. “Well, everytime you look same…😁”


Chumlee Pawn Stars-https://www.instagram.com/p/B8O94xcBKD0/
Chumlee Pawn Stars-https://www.instagram.com/p/B8O94xcBKD0/

Chumlee Grew Up Close To Harrison Family

Growing up, Chumlee was close friends with Corey Harrison. He was working at the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop when his boss, and father figure, Rick Harrison, finally made Pawn Stars happen.

The show was about the three Harrisons, including the late, great Richard “Old Man” Harrison. But, the story goes that the show’s producers liked Chumlee’s vibe so much, they turned him into the fourth star.

Now the rest is on History.


Is Pawn Stars Still On History Channel?

Yes, Chumlee is still on Pawn Stars, and it is still on the History Channel. The network just aired the first part of Season 19 at the end of 2021. They are likely going to release more episodes soon.

Most of all, the reality show just celebrated 600 episodes. That is pretty incredible. Moreover, Chumlee has been a big part of this show.

What do you think of Chumlee’s throwback photo?

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