Clayton Echard and Jason Tartick via YouTube

Jason Tartick Says Clayton Echard Acted In ‘Pure State Of Disarray’

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The two-night finale special of The Bachelor begins airing tonight and it sounds like it will be intense. Last week, viewers saw a huge blow-up between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans. Alums and fans have been commenting on Clayton’s actions. Now, Jason Tartick is sharing his thoughts on how the situation with Susie was handled. Keep reading to find out more.

Jason Tartick shares thoughts on Clayton Echard’s drama with Susie Evans

US Weekly shared what Jason Tartick had to say about the argument that took place between Clayton Echard and Susie Evans. Most fans sided with Susie saying that Clayton treated her badly. However, there are a few and also some alums that haven’t quite given up on him yet.

Jason shared his thoughts on the whole situation. He said, “I have no issue at all with Clayton being intimate through this journey with other members of the cast that are still in the journey. I have no issue with that. I have no issue at all with Susie saying, ‘This is my line in the sand and if that did occur, it’s not for me.’ Those are two independent discussions. I don’t have a problem with either of those.”

However, Jason did agree that Clayton shouldn’t have responded the way he did. He didn’t love Clayton’s reaction.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans via YouTube
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans via YouTube

Everyone makes mistakes

Jason went on to say, “Every human after the age of 18 can probably pinpoint a time that they have regrets for how they acted in a moment of distress and in a moment of emotion. And you could tell how much he cared and loved Susie.”

Jason continued, “And in that pure state of disarray, he did not handle himself, in my opinion, appropriately. But what the beauty of this entire [process is], I don’t know one person that’s gone through this show — regardless of how difficult and challenging their time was or how pleasant their time was — that they don’t look back on it and have some life learning experiences.”

He noted that while it looks really bad there is always more to the story and it’s not over yet. Jason will be ready to watch the big finale with popcorn and wine in hand.

Jason thinks Clayton is a good guy

He went on to say that he got to know Clayton a little bit before the season and he appeared to be a very nice, sweet guy. Jason also said everyone makes mistakes, it’s how one handles them and learns from their mistakes.

Other alums such as Becca Kufrin and Nick Viall have weighed in on the finale. They both agreed it is one not to miss. Nick says it gets nuts.

Are you tuning in to watch the Monday and Tuesday night finale?



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