Deanna Duggar Accuses Brother Jim Bob Of Lying To Her?

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Is Deanna Duggar accusing her brother, Jim Bob of lying to her? Her recent social media post, which she has since deleted, suggests that he might have kept the truth from her. Keep reading to find out what’s happening between Jim Bob and his sister, Deanna, these days.

In case you don’t know, Deanna is the daughter of the late Mary Duggar, who is Jim Bob’s mother, too. Deanna has one daughter, Amy King.

Though Deanna is related to Jim Bob, she lives a much different life from him. And she’s been outspoken about Josh Duggar’s crimes and trial. So, she seems to be setting herself apart from her famous family.

Her recent post, however, might have something to do with Jim Bob Duggar. So, what did Deanna Duggar post?

Deanna Duggar Instagram
Deanna Duggar Instagram

Deanna Duggar shares a post calling out Jim Bob’s lies?

In a new Instagram post on Monday, March 14, Deanna shared a selfie. Along with the picture, she wrote a bold caption, which read, “I was told a completely different story about a certain family member! I saw the truth on my local news! So sad!!!!”

However, within a few minutes of posting the first photo, she quickly removed it from her page. She then replaced it with the same selfie with a different caption.

This time, she wrote, “I’m just counting my blessings today! What are you thankful for?”

Deanna Duggar Instagram
Deanna Duggar Instagram

It’s unclear what exactly Deanna’s first post was about. But based on what she’s shared, it sounds like it might have to do with Josh and Jim Bob. After all, Josh has been showing up in many news headlines lately, both nationally and locally. She may have found out more details about Josh’s situation via the local news instead of from her family directly.

Because of the ongoing situation with Josh, it would be a surprise if it wasn’t about him or Jim Bob. It’s possible that she’s calling out Jim Bob for lying to her about what really happened or just how serious the situation is. But we don’t know for sure what this is all about.

So, what do you think Deanna Duggar’s new post was about? Do you think it’s about Jim Bob Duggar lying to her or something else? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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