Jesse Palmer: What Viewers Didn’t See During Clayton & Susie’s Fight

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Jesse Palmer reveals what viewers didn’t see during Clayton and Susie’s explosive fight on The Bachelor. Read on for all the details.

Clayton’s relationship with frontrunner blows up

During the last episode of The Bachelor, Clayton Echard told Susie Evans he was ‘the most’ in love with her over the other two finalists. He also revealed that he told both Gabby and Rachel that was falling in love with them.

Echard further dropped a bombshell that he was intimate with the other women during their respective Fantasy Suite dates. A distraught Evans told him that was unacceptable from her potential future husband.

Many viewers think that Clayton Echard was gaslighting Susie by blaming her for not telling him how she felt about the intimacy before the dates.

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Susie Evans and Clayton Echard/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Ultimately, he ended up putting Susie Evans into the car and continuing on with just Gabby and Rachel.

However, according to Jesse Palmer, there was more to the explosive fight that viewers saw.

Jesse Palmer reveals what viewers didn’t see during argument

As host, Palmer also serves as a sounding board for Clayton Echard. He has the unique perspective of being a former Bachelor lead himself during Season 5 of the ABC dating show. 

Following the Women Tell All and Fantasy Suite date episodes that aired the week of March 7, Jesse Palmer appeared on the Click Bait podcast.

He spoke with co-hosts Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth about what he saw going on behind the scenes. Jesse revealed that Clayton was beside himself over the fight, Bachelor Nation reports.

“The best way to describe it is that Clayton was shattered and he was really lost. I don’t think that night ended up anywhere near close to what he had anticipated or what he was hoping for.” – Jesse Palmer, Click Bait podcast.

Furthermore, viewers didn’t see the entire conversation between Susie and Clayton due to time constraints. According to Jesse Palmer, the former couple hashed things out at the dinner for over an hour before the explosive argument.

While he described Clayton’s behavior as “spiraling,” Palmer had high praise for Susie. “To me it seemed like Susie was very calm and composed the entire time,” he shared with the podcast hosts.

As dramatic as the fight between Clayton and Susie, things get even more dramatic during the rose ceremony. What did Jesse Palmer tease about the upcoming finale?

Network touts ‘Rose Ceremony From H*ll’

Teasers for the Bachelor finale indicate that Gabby and Rachel may have similar reactions when Clayton admits to sleeping with them both.

“It absolutely shatters the women,” Jesse Palmer said about the conversation.

In fact, things get so bad that ABC has been calling the finale “the rose ceremony from h*ll.” According to Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, no one will be able to predict what happens at the end — if things even end in Iceland.

The explosive finale is followed by the After the Final Rose special. The two-night event starts will air on Monday, March 14, and conclude on Tuesday, March 15.

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