Will ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Feature Mykelti & Baby Avalon?

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While there hasn’t been official confirmation for Season 17 of Sister Wives, fans wonder if Mykelti Padron and her daughter Avalon might be featured. On the Surviving Sister Wives podcast, the hosts discussed fans wanting more than just Kody Brown, his three wives, and his ex-wife. Fans of the show want to see and learn more about his children.

Both the ones still living at home and the adult children that have left the nest and started families of their own. Sister Wives fans absolutely adore the Brown grandbabies including Axel, Evie, and Avalon. And, they really want to see more of these adorable little cuties.

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Will Sister Wives Season 17 feature Mykelti and Avalon?

As we previously reported, fans suspected Season 17 of Sister Wives had already started filming. Fans made this speculation because Christine Brown was spotted in Flagstaff. Sister Wives fans jested there isn’t much for her in Flagstaff. So, filming just made sense as the most logical reason for her to have returned. Technically, Truely’s father Kody still lives in Flagstaff. So, it is possible she traveled so her daughter could see her father and some of her siblings.

Mykelti Padron and Avalon recently took a trip to Flagstaff as well. Turns out, they visited and spent some time with Robyn. Mykelti shared photos of Avalon hanging out with Ariella and Solomon. She jested the air mattress they were on was slowly deflating under them.

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Some Sister Wives fans speculated visiting family might not be the only thing that brought Mykelti and Avalon to Flagstaff. Could they be in Flagstaff for filming? Would fans get to see Mykelti and Avalon during Sister Wives Season 17? While fans have mixed feelings about Mykelti and they can’t stand her husband Tony, they absolutely love their adorable little baby. And, they would love to see Avalon and her family on a new season.

Could Mykelti Padron be pregnant?

The announcement of a baby would be huge for Sister Wives. Season 17 would thrive if it involved the announcement of a new baby. As we previously reported, some fans thought they spotted a baby bump on Mykelti during her recent appearance on her mom Christine’s cooking show. Could Avalon be getting a brother or sister?

Would you like to see Mykelti and Avalon on Sister Wives Season 17? Do you think the series will be renewed for another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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