Christine Brown Leaves Kody Seething With Jealousy?

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Christine Brown was initially heartbroken when she made the decision to move all of Kody’s stuff to the basement. Then she relocated from Flagstaff to Utah and her life quickly began again. She changed the way she dressed, started hanging out with more family, and reinvented herself. The mother of six has newfound freedom she never had when she was a sister wife. At the tell-all, she confessed she will never go back to polygamy. Though he was the one who essentially ended the marriage, is Kody now secretly jealous of Christine?

Christine Brown Reinvents Her Life

Sister Wives fans came to know Christine as Kody’s third wife and the primary homemaker. She was the one who raised the kids and always appeared very cheerful. However, she did have her jealousy issues when it came to fourth wife, Robyn. It would be impossible not to when there was footage of Kody kissing Robyn while Christine was in labor with their youngest, Truely. As time went by, Christine started to have a voice but more so, she began to use it. Once they were living in Las Vegas, she got her real estate license and talked back to Kody when he would get out of line. By the time they moved to Flagstaff, she knew she was no longer happy and was desperate to go back to Utah.

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The marriage was all but over as she had begun to finally come into herself. She learned to say no to what she did not want as she started to become a successful businesswoman. When she saw the future was bleak with Kody, she ended the marriage and eventually moved. In Utah, she got her groove back and her followers could not help but notice. Furthermore, she was given her own television show by TLC after fans demanded to keep up with the departed sister wife. With three strained relationships and only one happy marriage, is it possible Kody is envious of Christine? Reddit seems to think so.

Kody’s Jealousy Issues

Even though he criticized Christine for knocking plural marriage at the tell-all, Kody questioned polygamy for a long time. The father of eighteen often wondered if it is worth it anymore. At this point, he has no relationship with his first wife Meri, admitting they haven’t been intimate in a decade. When it comes to second wife, Janelle, neither one is in love with the other but is just very close friends. Lastly, Christine Brown divorced him and relocated so that just leaves him with Robyn. Though she seemingly likes having him all to herself, she was complaining about him being there all of the time.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
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Kody admitted his wives can leave him but he cannot do the same yet Christine is glowing now that she is away from the lifestyle. Redditors noticed this and started a thread questioning if he is jealous of Christine since she can go wherever while he is stuck in Flagstaff. “He is 100% SEETHING with fury and jealousy that, “she gets to leave whenever she wants, but I’m stuck!” And I just love that for her,” one commented. Another added: “Ha ha, serves him right for acting like he liked Christine’s idea and then bailing on her when she proposed it to the family.”

There were many more comments that shared these sentiments, some thinking Kody needs professional help. Others believe they should just sell Coyote Pass and relocate. In the end, Christine did what was best for her and it is up to Kody to do what is best for him. Do you think there is a twinge of jealousy there? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it Kody.
    He wanted the wives to choose him over the kids. Never going to happen, bud.

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