‘Below Deck’ What Happened To Captain Lee During Season 10 Taping?

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Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach had another setback during the Season 10 taping. Captain Sandy Yawn may have to step in for the longtime captain. Rumors have been swirling that his days could be over. Deckhand Rayna Lindsay claimed that First Officer Eddie Lucas is set to take over for Lee.

She thinks the network is setting him to eventually become the new captain on the show. It makes sense since fans are used to Eddie and love his spirit and sense of humor. But for now, Sandy could step in for Lee during Below Deck Season 10. Lee faced a similar setback at the start of filming Season 8 and Season 9.

Below Deck Season 10 is currently in production

The new season of Below Deck is already in full swing. The original series is filming its tenth season. It was supposed to see the return of Captain Lee Rosbach. This is typically the time of year for the show to film.

According to the Gangplank Report podcast, host Adrienne Gang teased that Captain Sandy Yawn could take over the season. If Chef Rachel Hargrove also returns, it’ll be interesting how she handles the micromanaging captain. However, the network did not confirm that Sandy is the new captain or that Rachel will return.

Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach Faces Setback [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Adrienne did hint at her coming back. Eddie Lucas introduced his new family member. It’s not what you think. He became a doggy daddy. That doesn’t mean he can’t be away from home since he’s living with his new girlfriend. The couple just purchased their first home together.

Since Lee faced some health setbacks in previous seasons, there’s a chance that he might not return to Season 10. Eddie is not a captain yet. He’s currently studying to become one. For now, Captain Sandy Yawn may have to step in for Lee.

Captain Sandy Yawn To Take Over For Captain Lee [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Does Captain Sandy Yawn have to take over for Captain Lee?

Adrienne spoke to Bravo superfan Jen Bennington about the rumors on the Gangplank Report podcast. Jen thinks Captain Sandy will fill in for Captain Lee during Below Deck Season 10. As quoted by Monsters & Critics, Adrienne confirmed that the show is filming right now.

“We’ve seen the pictures of what appears to be her over the edge of the railing. I don’t know that anybody knows. The most popular theory that I’ve read is that something happened to Captain Lee, and she came on to replace him. Not that she started the season.”

Adrienne confirmed that he had to go to the hospital. This led Sandy to take over for the season. Gangplank Report conducted a poll on Twitter to see the reaction to the rumors. Below Deck fans revealed that this would dissuade them from watching the new season. What are your thoughts on Captain Sandy taking over for Captain Lee? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. If Capt Lee can’t return I would accept Eddie as his replacement. If he isn’t ready/available fine, let him continue on with his life. I will remember him and wish him the best. Capt SY is a no go! BD has run it course. BDM is a sinking ship. BDSY is sailing into the sunset. BDDU has a chance because it’s new location and exciting new adventures the guests can experience. How long do they expect us to be interested in watching immature binge drinking bunk jumping boat rat’s.

  2. I would luv to see Rachel tell Sandy to back the F.. up. Sandy is fine when she isn’t micromanaging. Trust the crew, that’s why you have them and No!! It is NOT the spark plug! Being a Captain does not mean you know EVERYTHING. Stop it.

  3. Captain Sandy is a non-starter for me. She is sexist against the men and she has been caught in several lies. I wouldn’t trust her to park a golf cart. She is just so mean to her crew sometimes. She cannot accept responsibility for the boat as a whole, only blames deckhands and table decor. I definitely would not watch.

    1. I second that!!! She’s too quick to judge and it pisses me off. If she comes on, I will seriously think about finding another series to watch over and over

  4. I will miss Captain Lee he was Starn with crew but fair,and I love to watch him dress up his favorite stew made him dress up and the crew.I will miss him . I personally think that his wife is happy and his family is happy that he his home .Maybe Captain Lee and his family. Come on the boat and be treated like kings and queen by his crew

  5. I would be so sad to see Capt. Lee leave BD but I would also understand. He has put in so many years to the sea it makes sense if he is leaving for family. I hope Eddie takes over as Capt. I think he is more then ready and has had a great mentor. If it is Capt. Sandy I’ll still watch and be praying she keeps her micromanage in check. She just needs to support her crew more. She’s a terrific Capt. I wish the whole crew the best and can’t wait to see what Rachel cooks up in and out of the kitchen.

  6. It’ll be a hard pass for me if Captain Sandy takes over. The only thing I would watch is if Rachel told Sandy off.

  7. I’d rather wait for Captain Lee! Captain Sandy is only so-so in relating to her crew. I probably won’t rejoin Peacock if Captain Lee doesn’t return. I cannot see Rachel doing well with the mictomanaging Captain Sandy. Rachel’s second season with Lee was outstanding. She was great at the job her first season – but her drunken antics on the crew’s freetime off ship detracted from her e excellent culinary skills. Rachel is hands down the best chef on any of the yachting shows. I really like how her and Captain Lee’s working relationship blossomed after a few bumps in a row on her first season.

  8. I miss captain Lee – will not longer watch show without him. The show is just not the same. I hope captain Lee is in good health and returns for another season.

    1. I will more than likely quit watching it if Captain Lee does not return. I like Captain Sandy but she is just not as professional acting as Lee, plus Captain Lee is so handsome… I read his book and really gained respect for him, he deserves all the respect he ask for, but as far as Below Deck Down Under that is a joke! Too me it gives yachting a bad name.

  9. I like Capt. Lee and Capt. Sandy. I would love to see Eddie eventually take it. I watch both Lee and Sandy. I don’t like the Below Deck. It’s just not good. Get well Capt. Lee!💕

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