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‘Survivor’ 42: A Contestant Just Made A Never-Before-Seen Exit

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Survivor Season 42 has officially begun and with a massive bang, no less. The first episode has as much humor as it does genuinely emotional moments. Right out of the gate, the cast is extremely entertaining and the edit is giving each of them a chance to show their personality. Are any of them particularly good at playing the game? That’s yet to be seen, outside of a couple great moments from players like Jenny and Jonathan.

One moment, in particular, is the talk of the episode, though. Not only was it completely shocking, but it proves Survivor firsts are still possible even 42 seasons in.

The Biggest Moment In Episode 1

The biggest moment in Episode 1 revolves around Jackson Fox. A player who came out of the gate with an emotional story involving his broken and then mended relationship with his parents. The story centers around the fact that Jackson is a trans man. This makes Jackson the first openly trans man to play Survivor since Zeke. Jackson seems like a solid guy, and it would have been nice to see how far he could have gone were he given the chance to spread his wings on the beaches of Fiji. But, sadly, Jackson withheld a truth until the last moment that proved fatal to his game.

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Cast of Survivor 42. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jackson is recovering from the use of lithium. It’s a drug Fox says he was using because it helped him sleep, but he also said he had mostly weaned off of it by the time he came to Fiji to play. The problem is, if Jackson were to begin suffering from lithium withdrawal symptoms on the island, the consequences could be fatal. Knowing he probably would get cut from the cast if he tells the producers this information, Jackson withheld the truth until only very shortly before filming. This led production into an unfortunate situation where they initially let Jackson onto the island, and then ultimately made the decision to remove him from the game before day 3.

‘Survivor’ 42 Full Steam Ahead

jackson fox survivor 42
Jackson Fox, the first player ever forcefully removed before an elimination.

Jackson’s removal from the game is tragic. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the guy, especially since he seems so genuinely kind. But, at the same time, he should have known to not put the producers in a position like that. Survivor is one of the most physically taxing games on television, and the team behind the show has taken great care to ensure that 42 seasons in, there have been minimal medical risks. It would be interesting to see Jackson return in the future when it’s possible. But, the possibility may be gone given the way things went down.

So by the end of Episode 1, there’s a forceful removal, a shot in the dark advantage play, and a lot of fake blood. What a way to start a season.

Survivor Season 42 will continue to air new episodes every Wednesday.

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