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Katie Maloney Split Confirmed By Non-Sober James Kennedy?

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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have officially split, according to James Kennedy. Rumors about the couple began circulating a couple of weeks ago. As time continued to pass, fans of Vanderpump Rules started to come up with their own theories. Now, they don’t have to theorize anymore.

How The Break-Up Rumors Got Started

Maloney has been posting some cryptic messages to her Instagram Stories recently. On top of that, no one has seen her beau, Tom Schwartz, in any of her posts and recent selfies show the absence of her wedding rings. Followers and Bravo fans have been eagerly awaiting some news about the couple.

Katie Maloney - YouTube/Bravo

Credit: YouTube/Bravo

While they wait, people haven’t had any trouble coming up with what may be happening behind the scenes. A few fans have considered that the split-up rumors are only circulating to create buzz around a new season of Vanderpump Rules. Some think there may be other contributing factors. One Redditor said that Tom has been traveling back and forth to Florida because his dad is sick.

A few fans of Katie have piped up saying they hoped the rumors were true. Many people don’t like the way he treats her. “Please let it be true! Would love to see Katie either single or with someone who doesn’t hold her back every single step of the way. She’s got a ton of potential as a human being,” a comment about the rumored split-up read.

Has The Katie Maloney Split Has Been Confirmed?

Finally, a source revealed news about Katie and Tom’s break-up. The Instagram account blocked_by_jaxx answered a Q&A. The question asked was “What do you think of the Katie & Schwartz breakup rumors?” What the person had to say was interesting, to say the least.

Katie Maloney - YouTube/Bravo

Credit: YouTube/Bravo

“OK I was in Orlando when this sh** went down and missed a lot of it. If it’s true then FINALLY. He is low key the worst and is a horrible husband. I’d actually like her more if she left him,” @blocked_by_jaxx answered. After that, an anonymous source sent more information about the rumored breakup.

“Have a friend that hung out with James in Vegas and he told her they aren’t together,” the source revealed. “And James was the opposite of sober.” The blocked_by_jaxx account responded, “Stop” before taking a screenshot and immediately sharing it with Bravo fans.

Right now, the rumors are still unverified. It isn’t clear what James Kennedy said exactly. All other sources linked to the information are unknown. So, there is no telling whether Katie and Tom are really calling it quits or not. As one Redditor stated, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are probably “lazily working it out but I guarantee they sleep in different beds and live like roommates.”

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