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‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’ Family Welcomes Newest Member

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The Doubling Down With the Derricos family has grown again! Deon Derrico shared some pretty big family news with fans this week. He introduced them to the newest member and shared an adorable picture. Keep reading to get all of the details about the growing brood.

Deon and his wife, Karen Derrico, currently have 14 children.

The kids include:

  • Darian, 15
  • Derrick, 10
  • Dallas and Denver, 9 (twins)
  • Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko and Dariz, 7 (quintuplets)
  • Diez and Dior, 4 (twins)
  • Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver, 2 (triplets)

YouTube, Doubling Down With the Derricos

Recently, however, on an episode of TLC’s Doubling Down With the Derricos, the busy mom made a shocking announcement. She revealed that she’s pregnant with baby number 15. The baby is due on June 16, 2022. So, is the baby already here, or is there another new member of the Derrico family?

Doubling Down With the Derricos family shares some exciting news.

On his Instagram stories on Wednesday, Deon shared a new snap of the newest member of the Derrico family. Fortunately, baby number 15 has not made an early arrival, so that’s good news. However, this does mean that someone else has joined the gang.

In the photo, there’s a bulldog lab mix puppy. Deon captions the photo, “Our newest member Blue.”

Then he promotes the breeder as being “professional, responsible, humane, [and] sensitive.”

Deon Derrico Instagram
Deon Derrico Instagram

This special announcement was also featured on the Tuesday, March 8 episode of their show. You can check out a clip here or below. In the Doubling Down With the Derricos episode, Deon reveals that he’s been working locally to create an amazing surprise for Dallas and Denver for their birthday. He admits that no one, even his wife, knew about the surprise ahead of time.

Of course, the kids are overjoyed to meet the new puppy. But mom Karen doesn’t feel the same way. In the episode, Karen says, “I am not ready for another puppy right now.”

She also reveals that whenever they’re having another baby, Deon wants to get a puppy. A baby and a puppy around the same time is quite the task. Hopefully, by the time June rolls around, the puppy will be all trained so they don’t have more to worry about with the baby’s arrival.

YouTube, Doubling Down With the Derricos

So, are you surprised to see that the Doubling Down With the Derricos family has grown again? What do you think of their little pup? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about your favorite TLC shows and stars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. All those pregnancies are hard on mom’s body and ending up with 14 kids. She never gets a brake from them. He does to work. I think he’s somewhat selfish. Believe they should treasure & love the ones they have and make sure mom stays healthy so she can love & raise them.

    1. I meant to add that they are EXCELLENT parents, GG, is so nice, and the children are soooooo respectful and very smart.

    2. The last set of boy twins were born triplets and one passed away. They have a special name they call them. I think it’s triplins because of that.

  2. Love the Derricos!
    They are a loving family. They parent extremely well providing unconditional love to all of their children! Team work at its best!

  3. I would be furious if my husband didn’t talk with me about it first, especially if I had all those kids and another on the way. For me, it would be a big “HELL NO, take it back!!” Which is probably why he didn’t tell her.

    1. I feel they are having way more children than they should! Especially since the mom has had health issues with previous pregnancies! The dad seems like he doesn’t care how many children she had! Try using some birth control! I know they always say we will take whatever God gives us! There has to be a limit! The dads very selfish! He seems like a control freak!

      1. Mrs. D, please please please stop bringing children into this world. The world is overcrowded as it is and there are so many children without parents that need your help. Please I’m begging you to start using birth control. If something happens to you all those children are gonna be left alone.

  4. I do not know why TLC keeps this show on, both the parents have been caught dirty dealing. He was caught making underhanded real estate deals and she was caught for Welfare Fraud, trying to obtain Snap or Food Stamp benefits by lying about their situation. They keep having kids even though they are overwhelmed by the ones they have, at least that will soon be over because she’s nearing menopause age. The Duggers we’re cancelled because they were guilty by association because of Josh Dugger but this family can do no wrong maybe it’s because of the Race thing but it’s totally not fair.

    1. How do u know this? Welfare fraud? She has 14 kids…what could she possibly say to downplay her situation? Seriously? What could she possibly lie about? Even if she added the income of her husband with all the children they have and are continuing to have she would still be considered for that benefit. A race thing? Wooooooow…smh

  5. Daddy Derrico is a controller and a manipulator. Every idea Karen talk about for self satisfaction, he dismiss it like she is a child But, he praises all the BABIES ideas.
    Keeping her pregnant and adding another puppy, is his joy and manipulation . This will keep Karen busy, busy and can’t focus on self and her desires. Is he the FIRST real man Karen ever had in her life?? So Sad!!

    1. No one on this planet is perfect. There are alot of people that have se rets they are hiding. Hell we voted Trump in and he is very bad. Give them a break. This show helps these kids.

  6. I am concerned for Karen’s health with soon to be 15 children. Dont want to give any unsolicited advice, just pray they are able to care for. Read home in Vegas was foreclosed and sold for $440k and he lost 5 rental properties in Mi. Reason could have been Covid shut down and moratorium on landlords collecting their rent. Please never say you want 100 kids, my mind does flips- why, is it for income tax. They are all such great kids, are you guys as parents able to give them all the time they need

  7. You can’t possibly give each and every kid the amount of love and attention they need. I think that’s why they’re so close to their siblings….. they do not get what they need emotionally from the overwhelmed parents. This is a toxic and selfish situation full of emotionally starved kids. STOP ALREADY!

  8. When I look at Karen’s husband, he makes me feel so sick and annoyed.

    He’s greedy for fame and money. If he should say he’s having these kids out of love, he just want more fame and tell lies. Yes, sure lies.
    He is very Rude to his mother..

    She’s such an honest and
    adorable woman, so where on earth did she find him.

    Karen must have suffered from low self-esteem to have
    dated and still stay with a guy like Deon.

  9. What will happen to all these kids, years fron now when Karen not able to care for them.

    Do they have enough money for their education ?
    Do you think Deon and Karen give a shit about giving a good education to 15 children and
    they care about the cost ?

  10. I question how this family can still be on tv. Foreclosed home, questionable business practices. They portray themselves as financially good with their trips, vacation rentals. Something here does not add up. To have 15 kids, it is impossible to give each child adequate time and attention. Who is paying for college? Welfare and public assistance, money from a “reality” tv show that is based on half-truths?

  11. I’m loving that the children are talking more this season. Twins talking to each other. We’re getting to know their personalities. My favorite on the show is Gigi. She really speaks her mind.

  12. Her body should be very tired and as her husband he should know. He’s not putting his body through anything. I’m like GG…when is it enough?. Has any form of birth control ever been introduced??

    1. I enjoy the show. The kids are very smart and well behaved. I do think the Dad is controlling, maybe because he’s a bit older than her.I do love GG upfront and honest, and a great grandma. I just wish Karen had more of a voice; she is a very smart lady. Love the show.

  13. If the family of 19 and counting had all those children what’s the difference if another family has as many as they want? Just saying!!

  14. Every time this show airs I turn it..It’s ridiculous for her to keep getting pregnant again and again..She need to get her tubes tied , clipped, burned taken out and thrown into The Deep Blue Sea. I have two and didn’t want no more!! It’s insane to have that many kids..How can you give proper attention to all them kids?

  15. Way too many children that is so obvious! No way those kids are getting what they need from the parents. The grandma knows it’s too much for both of them. The mother is always so stressed out. You almost never see any toys anywhere! their living room is completely sterile of any children’s items or normal living. what do they do send them to the closet to play? I don’t get it.


  17. Is this show based on truths? The husband is a control freak…….she goes along with program! Kids
    are adorable and dressed beautifully by way. I have to say his mother is the only one with common sense even she knows enough is enough Just can’t make oot the whole family situation God bless them all

  18. I need to stop watching the show because it angers me that she continues to get pregnant over and over. It’s not fair to the children. Secondly, she’s too old to be having any more children. I love Gigi. She’s the only one with common sense and apparently her mother also because Karen doesn’t even want to tell her about the pregnancy. Just STOP ALREADY!!

  19. I really love the Derrecos. I call those children my children.
    I don’t know the connection they have with GOD. When he says that’s enough, that’s it.

  20. I had a dear friend who tragically passed away young, after having 10 children , autopsy showed ocarian cancer from too many pregnancies destroyed her insides. How will a father take care if these children if karen. Who is so small ends up like this too??? How often do these children get banned, ?

  21. The Dorricos’ lifestyle is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Deon uses aliases, has many felony and misdemeanor charges against him in connection with defrauding people in his real estate business. Karen has charges against her for Welfare fraud, and their L. V. house is being foreclosed.

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