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Does The Duggar Family Have Something Else To Hide?

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After new photos of the Duggar family were posted online, some of their followers were wondering if they might be trying to hide something. It looks like something could be going on behind the scenes that fans aren’t supposed to know about. Read on to get all of the details.

After Josh Duggar was found guilty on two child pornography charges in December, much of his family stopped posting on social media. They are laying low, and we haven’t seen many updates about them lately. Of course, with such a large family, there’s probably something going on behind the scenes.

Duggar family, YouTube

Is Hannah Wissmann expertly cropping family photos?

As we reported, Hannah Wissmann, Jeremiah Duggar’s fiancée had a bridal shower in Arkansas last weekend. She shared a handful of photos from the gathering, but over on Reddit, Duggar snarkers think she cropped certain things out of the photos on purpose. She may be trying to keep a few Duggar family secrets, such as pregnancies and courtships.

In the photo on the left, you can only see Kendra Duggar’s back. She is one member of the Duggar family who is rumored to be pregnant, so maybe she was trying to conceal a bump by not looking at the camera.

In another snap, there are several young Duggar kids and grandkids helping Hannah open her gifts. In the bottom left corner, it looks like Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s daughter Bella might be cropped out.

You can check out Hannah’s full post here and see all of the photos from the shower.

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What might the Duggar family be hiding now?

With such a large family, there could be several things going on behind the scenes right now. There’s heavy speculation that one or more of the Duggar women are pregnant. There were few photos posted from the gathering, so it’s possible that the family was trying to conceal a few pregnancies. It seems like Lauren is trying to keep herself and her daughter, Bella, out of the public eye, too.

One Duggar snarker writes, “There is some seriously weird cropping happening in some of these. Makes me think she was being super careful about what she posted.”

Someone else elaborates, “Especially the last one. No doubt Anna and the M kids were there, I’m sure it’s obvious to everyone in that family they need to be cropped out. Lauren is clearly pregnant but trying her best to hide it, so I’m sure she asked to be cropped out. There also are likely some courtships brewing, so anyone that isn’t quite ready to ‘announce’ yet would be cropped out. I’m sure there was a photo of all the women who were there and yet she didn’t post it.”

So, do you think that there could be a few Duggar family secrets waiting to come out? What do you think the Duggars might be hiding now? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about Michelle and Jim Bob’s family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I wouldn’t doubt the sneaky shady jim bob is hiding something. After all the kept joshs secret hidden for years

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