Sharna Burgess Isn’t Interested In Megan Fox Comparisons

Sharna Burgess from Instagram

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green have had a happy relationship for well over a year now. They’re actually expecting their first child together. But since this news broke, some fans online have been comparing Sharna and Brian’s ex, Megan Fox.

Megan is the mother of three of Brian Austin Green’s four children. So the group will all have to make sure their co-parenting skills are up to par.

But as for Sharna herself, she isn’t interested in comparing herself to anyone.

Sharna Burgess has a great answer to a fan’s pointed question

In a recent Q&A, Sharna Burgess invited fans to ask her anything. She mostly answered questions about her skincare routine and pregnancy. But one fan really wanted to know what it was like dating Brian Austin Green after Megan Fox.

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Brian and Megan did have three children together, so they have a pretty lengthy history. But now, they’ve moved on with other people and seem to co-parent their sons together well. But even so, some fans wondered if it was ever awkward or uncomfortable for Sharna.

“How do you deal with following in Megan Fox’s footsteps?” the fan asked.

“Normally I wouldn’t answer these types of questions but I think many women struggle with comparing themselves to a partners x [sic]. Or to other women in general,” Sharna began. “That’s because society has made out that we are a b*tchy and competitive gender, that we can’t possibly be happy with who we are without wanting what ‘she’ (whoever that is to you) has. We are measured by our looks and our weight more than we are weighted by anything else.”

The Australian dancer went on to say that Megan Fox is an amazing woman — but so is Sharna. She advised the fan to go down their own path and not to compare themselves to anyone else either.

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Fans seemed really happy with her thoughtful response.

The dancer also gives pregnancy updates on Instagram

In the Q&A session with fans, Sharna Burgess also revealed her pregnancy was a surprise.

“We were thinking of trying mid to late this year. But the universe made her own plan, found a window and went for it,” she confessed in the Q&A, citing that she was on birth control at the time. “We are big believers in everything happens for a reason. There was definitely divine timing with this one and we are excited about it, trusting in it. We knew it was on the cards for us, so why not now.”

She went on to say that she and Brian expect their son will arrive on July 4. His older brothers are also very excited for him to get here.

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