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Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Live-Action Expands Cast

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Nick Davis

The hit anime One Piece is getting a live-action American adaptation in production by Netflix. One Piece is one of the longest-running anime shows of all time with 1013 episodes and counting to this day. With the wild success the show has seen in Japan, Europe, and North America, it only makes sense that Hollywood would try and adapt it at some point.

The show recently began production on its first season and information is slowly getting out there to build up hype. We know Steven Maeda will be the showrunner. His work on The X-Files and Lost should give skeptics a little bit of hope. We’ve also been getting cast announcements. The main cast was announced at the tail end of last year and now we’ve gotten announcements on more major characters from the anime and who will be playing them.

Credit: IGN YouTube

The ‘One Piece’ Cast

This cast reveal shows that the live-action version of One Piece won’t necessarily be following the same timeline as the anime or manga. For instance, it announces the actors for Buggy and Arlong, two characters who arrive at very different times in the anime. Jeff Ward is playing Buggy and McKinley Belcher III is playing Arlong. Jeff Ward is probably the best-known actor from the announcement. His past credits include Agents Of SHIELD and the new Netflix drama Brand New Cherry Flavor.

jeff ward
Jeff Ward, who is set to play Buggy.

The rest of the announcement includes Morgan Davies playing Koby, Ila Isorelýs Paulino playing Alvida, Aiden Scott playing Helmeppo, and Vincent Regan playing Garp. These are all very well-known characters from One Piece. The fact that they’re all set to appear in the same season creates an interesting question. How will the timeline of the anime and manga be organized in this adaptation?

The Straw Hats Coming To Life

Netflix has a history of adapting popular Japanese anime into live-action American films and shows. Unfortunately, that history is overwhelmingly negative. Neither the adaptations of Death Note nor Cowboy Bebop have a score above %50 on Rotten Tomatoes. Both are colossal failures with critics and fans. It’s to the point where anime fans groan every time Netflix announces a new adaptation. At one point, there was optimism and the possibility of potential. But now it’s just disdain.

The One Piece Netflix adaptation has no release date as of yet. But, if you want to catch up on the 1000+ episode show that is all the rage in the anime community, 130 episodes are streaming on Netflix right now.

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