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The Most Interesting Details Given In ‘Survivor’ 42 Pre-Show Interviews

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Survivor Season 42 is almost here. In preparation for the second of the show’s first two post-COVID seasons that they filmed back-to-back, Parade got interviews from all of the upcoming cast members. Pre-show interviews are mostly speculation. It’s cast members who have yet to play saying what they’d like to do and how they think they’ll do. Most of the time they’re an interesting thing to look back on. This is because players rarely play like they think they’ll play.

Regardless, it’s always interesting to dig into these interviews to get a feel for all of these new faces. This particular crop has some fairly interesting backgrounds and takes on how they’ll approach the game. Let’s see some of the most interesting ones in preparation for the show’s extremely close premiere date.

The Pre-Season Survivor Interviews

Each of the Survivor interviews has the same 5-6 questions for the upcoming contestants. Several players had some pretty haughty things to say in their interviews. Like Rocksroy Bailey (Bonus points to this guy for having a really cool name) saying he can’t identify with any contestants who haven’t won the show.

“Anyone that tells you they’re here because they want an experience or this is something that they dreamt of is lying. My wife put me here to win a million dollars, and it’s ‘Yes, dear.’”

Bailey seems very confident in his chances, to the point where he won’t even consider the possibility of failure. Tori Meehan reveals she has a psychological approach to her first moments on the island in her interview.

tori meehan survivor 42
Tori Meehan, who will compete in the upcoming Season 42.

“I’ve been wearing only shades of blue. That’s because research in psychology has found there’s a study where people wore different shades of colors, and then they studied people’s first impressions of those people. And the results found that the people who were wearing the color blue and shades of blue were seen as much kinder, friendlier, and more inviting than the same people who were wearing shades of red.”

Tori definitely appears to be putting critical levels of thought into even the first seconds of her social game. She is likely someone to watch out for.

Season 42 Is Here

At the end of the day, talk is talk and actions speak much louder than words. Once these wannabe castaways hit the beach is when the world will really see who’s money can be put where their mouth is. There are players like Mike Turner and Lindsey Dolashewich who aspire to be like Tony Vlachos and Boston Rob, respectively. But every player says they’ll play like this winner or that winner. That ends up not being the case 95% of the time. But, it’s rare to see a Survivor season go by without someone impressive emerging from the woodwork. The question is, which gems are among the muck this time around?

Survivor Season 42 premieres its first episode tonight, March 9.

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