‘The Bachelor’ Clayton Echard’s Shocking Final Rose Ceremony Spoilers

Clayton Echard via YouTube 24

There has been tons of speculation flying around as to what happens in Iceland on The Bachelor. Promos have been showing the unprecedented drama and Clayton Echard has said he’s broken. Creator Mike Fleiss has even said that this season was spoiler-proof. However, today, Reality Steve is sharing what he knows about that historic ending in Iceland. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

What happens to Clayton Echard in the finale?

Reality Steve went to his blog to clear up a lot of speculation that’s been circulating at the finale in Iceland. It seems Clayton Echard really does have a historic ending. What reportedly goes down in Iceland has never happened before.

So what can fans expect to see? According to Reality Steve, Clayton does have a final rose ceremony in Iceland. Prior to today, there had been speculation that there wasn’t one at all. There have also been reports and rumors that Susie Evans gets upset and leaves after her fantasy suite date.

Now, that narrative has changed. According to Steve, Susie does try to leave but somehow she’s convinced to stay. There are no details about how that part comes to pass.

It was also said that as far as Steve knows there are no final two. So, at some point after fantasy suites, Gabby and Rachel are also eliminated or left on their own.

Clayton Echard via YouTube 18
Clayton Echard via YouTube 

Rumor has it that Susie is the final girl standing and the only one to appear at the final rose ceremony. Next is where the historic part comes into play.

According to Steve, Clayton does propose to Susie. However, in a franchise first, she rejects him. So he’s left alone and single at the end of this.

What happens now?

Steve shared that Clayton left Iceland single after being dumped by Susie. There have been no happy couple weekends and Gabby and Rachel are also reportedly not in the picture.

So, what now? Steve says he’s not sure what will happen as they play out the details of this finale. He’s not sure if Susie is thinking about giving him another chance or if that is just it and he’s alone.

Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram
Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram

He does reiterate that Gabby and Rachel are not a part of the picture anymore.

This is definitely a finale that fans of The Bachelor will not want to miss.

Don’t miss The Bachelor featuring Clayton Echard on March 8, 14, and 15 on ABC.


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