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Sharna Burgess Hosts Q&A: Was Her Pregnancy A Surprise?

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Sometimes, we don’t expect the blessings that come into our lives. In a recent Q&A session on her Instagram story, Sharna Burgess invited fans to ask her all kinds of questions.

The questions ranged from her skincare routine to her pregnancy with Brian Austin Green. And of course, fans wanted to know if it was planned.

In past interviews, Sharna said she and Brian hoped to have a family someday, but there weren’t any concrete plans in the making. This led fans to believe her current pregnancy is a surprise.

Keep reading to find out what she said!

Sharna Burgess addresses fans’ burning questions in a Q&A

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess started dating around the end of 2020. At the time, Sharna hinted in interviews that she was very much in love and may have found the one — even if she did keep Brian’s identity a secret for a while.

The pair competed on DWTS Season 30 together. They didn’t make it very far but admitted the process made them stronger as a couple. Many fans speculated a pregnancy announcement would definitely come sooner or later. But did Brian and Sharna plan it this way?

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“Was the pregnancy a surprise???” asked one fan during the Q&A. “You guys are so cute by the way.”

“Ahhhh yes. Yes it was. I was on birth control,” Sharna admitted. “We were thinking of trying mid to late this year lol. But the Universe made her own plan, found a window and went for it. We are big believers in everything happens for a reason. There was definitely Divine timing with this one and we are excited about it, trusting in it. We knew it was on the cards for us, so why not now. :)”

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Sharna also revealed her due date is July 4. What a fun way to celebrate Independence Day!

The new baby has several siblings eagerly awaiting his arrival

The rest of Brian Austin Green’s children are excited to have another sibling. Brian has four sons and his son with Sharna will be his fifth. However, this is Sharna’s first child.

“Are Brian’s children excited for the new baby?” another fan asked.

“They are! We have snuggle time with Peanut,” Sharna replied, adding the nickname for her unborn baby. “They come and say good morning to him and give him cuddles.”

The Australian dancer went on to say that the boys joke about how much bigger she’s getting.

“It’s really beautiful how connected to him they are already,” she added.

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

In the rest of the Q&A, Sharna dished about her skincare routine, pregnancy symptoms, and more. She also had a lot of positive things to say about Brian Austin Green’s ex-wife, Megan Fox. Megan is the mother of Brian’s three youngest sons and it sounds like the two have a great co-parenting setup.

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