‘LPBW’ Fans Sick Of Audrey Roloff’s Latest TMI

Audrey Roloff, Amy Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

LPBW fans are getting tired of Audrey Roloff sharing way too much information online. Her recent posts have gotten a lot of negative attention, and fans are requesting that she stop posting so many details.

The former TLC star is an open book and shares all kinds of things with her many social media followers. She’s opened up about breastfeeding and dealing with mastitis. She’s talked about her marriage, motherhood, and so much more. While some fans enjoy seeing these posts because they can relate to her, others are fed up with her constantly sharing too much information so publicly.

Now, Audrey Roloff is back with even more details, and fans aren’t here for it. What has she shared this time, and why are fans over it?

Audrey Roloff, Amy Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

This week, Audrey decided to share her full birth story with fans via social media. The LPBW alum welcomed her third child, Radley Knight, to the world in November. She previously sent out the birth story in her newsletter, but not all of her followers are subscribed. So, she broke it up into several Instagram posts so everyone could get all of the little details.

In one of the five parts of the story, the LPBW alum wrote, “I started pushing at around 6:20 even though it felt more like really intense pressure contractions and not like pushing. I didn’t have the feeling of the baby coming down like I did with [our] other kids. I had crazy back labor and lots of pressure with no feeling of progress. It was painful, and harder mentally because I felt like I was pushing and not getting anywhere.”

If you’re interested in reading Audrey’s birth story, you can find the first part here. She shared a total of five parts on her profile.

LPBW fans have a lot to say about Audrey Roloff’s TMI posts.

Over on RedditLPBW fans are not impressed. One fan writes, “Why do people like, feel like they just NEED to tell us about how their child was born?”

Someone else says, “I understand birth stories can be interesting to read to some people and helpful to people expecting (especially their 1st) to see how it actually is from a not doctor BUT why did it have to be five (5) parts!?! That’s so many parts about pushing a baby out! I thought she was done at 3 then bam two more parts!! It way too much.”

Another LPBW fan adds, “I don’t get it either. I had a pretty unusual birth with my 2nd child but it would bore people to go into details.”

So, do you think Audrey Roloff is sharing too much information with LPBW fans? Do you enjoy seeing this kind of content from her? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloffs, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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