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Did Kody Brown Give His Wives Herpes?

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Did Kody Brown give his wives Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and (now ex-wife) Christine herpes? Sister Wives fans think that may have been the case as they rewatched old clips of the TLC series while waiting for news of Season 17. This disturbing — and disgusting — topic of conversation popped up on Reddit this morning as fans continue to rewatch old episodes. Why do fans think Kody Brown may have given his wives herpes? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Why do fans think Kody Brown gave his wife herpes?

In a Reddit thread dedicated to cold sores, one Sister Wives fan explained they were currently rewatching the show. They were alarmed because they noticed several of Kody’s wives had sores on their faces and near their mouths.

recently binged watched Sister Wives… was struck by the number of times various wives exhibited sores on their mouths…. eeuwww Kody out there passing herpes simples -1 to the wives and wives kissing the kids… “

Another fan chimed in to note they never recalled seeing sores on Christine or Meri. A third fan responded jesting that the lack of herpes would be a benefit to not being intimate with their husband.

A man with curly blonde hair closes his eyes in anger
Kody Brown/Credit: TLC YouTube

A different fan noted that some of the children — especially Logan — had issues with sores on their faces. Did Kody Brown pass herpes to his entire family including his children?

Is Kody Robyn Brown’s problem now?

One Sister Wives fans noted that for the past few years Kody Brown has been exclusively swapping spit with his favorite wife Robyn. So, his herpes would be exclusively her problem. Some Sister Wives fans admitted they felt their stomachs turning as Kody Brown swapping spit and giving herpes was not something they wanted to think about.

Other fans noted Kody potentially giving herpes to all of his wives and maybe even his children is another reason why the polygamist lifestyle wasn’t something they were interested in.

robyn brown youtube
Robyn Brown

Are cold sores really herpes?

According to the Mayo Clinic, cold sores are a strain of the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores and herpes in a more intimate part of the body are technically two different strains. But, they are both contagious and passed through close contact. So, if Kody Brown had herpes he could have definitely passed it to his wives. On Reddit, fans noted Kody did appear to have cold sores under his nose in some episodes of the series.

kody brown sister wives youtube
kody brown sister wives youtube

Did you notice the cold sores near the mouths of Kody Brown’s wives? Do you think he gave his wives herpes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  2. Yes!! I’ve noticed this on janelle and Robyn! Robyn seemed to have the sores more frequently than janelle did though. I’ve been waiting years for this to be brought up lol.

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