Darcey Silva Finally Gets What She Has Wanted For Years?

Darcey Silva Credit: TLC

Darcey Silva went through a lot in the two-part Season 3 Darcey and Stacey tell-all. Though she had her sister, Stacey by her side, there was one core person missing- her fiance Georgi Rusev. Everyone in attendance felt he should have been there for moral support. However, he felt differently on the matter believing Darcey was an adult. Furthermore, he believed her exes were going to be there and he would be under attack. Yes, Darcey’s exes Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks were there via video chat. Yet, she was about to get something from one of them she had wanted for years.

Darcey Silva- Burned By The Boys

Viewers first met Darcey when 90 Day Fiance spun off to Before the 90 Days. There, she flew to Amsterdam to meet her long-distance younger love, Jesse Meester. Though they had physical chemistry, the two were very different. He was very regimented while she was extremely high maintenance. Additionally, she wanted an engagement, and Jesse felt it was all too rushed. They made it to Season 2 but by then, the relationship was all but over. He believed she was cheating on him with Tom Brooks from the UK who she went to see in Season 3. They broke up in Season 4 after he was with someone else.

Darcey Silva Credit: TLC

She met Georgi in Miami right before her spinoff Darcey and Stacey began and invited him to come to Connecticut to live with her. They had a whirlwind romance amidst the pandemic and got engaged. Trust issues got the best of the duo leading her to contact his ex-wife. In retaliation, he called Jesse who spoke very poorly of Darcey. The couple ended their engagement but got re-engaged at the end of Season 3 of D&S. Sadly, it seemed she was more in love with him than he was with her. She faced the tell-all with just her family and good friends but maybe got what she needed after all.

Finding Peace In The End

Though Darcey Silva and Georgi ended their engagement right after the tell-all, some good did come out of it. Entertainment Tonight shared one of the highlights from part two was Darcey finally getting apologies from her exes. At first, Jesse Meester was extremely combative, leading her brother-in-law Florian to erupt. It took her good friend, Michael Benz to calm him down. Tom Brooks eventually came in and was very calm with Darcey admitting she was more upset with Jesse.

Credit: TLC

However, Tom claimed she should have been more hurt by him as they were good friends. He knew what Darcey had been through with Jesse and should have been more mindful of that. Tom also shared Georgi reached out to him, as well but he declined the call. Finally, after Tom being the bigger man, Jesse humbled himself. “I feel really bad if she is hurt in the way she expresses, and I really want to apologize, and again stress that I really want all the best for you. I mean it with all my heart, that is sincere.”

Credit: TLC

Darcey accepted Jesse’s apology with the hope that it is sincere. She is now ready to move on and is hopeful she can do it in a new lighter way. Do you think Jesse’s apology was sincere or was he just trying to make himself look good? Let us know in the comments.


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