Did Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Know Radley’s Name When He Was Born?

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Jeremy Roloff

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s family grew back in November 2021. After a rare birth experience, Audrey is opening up to fans and sharing all of the details. While some think it’s too much information, others appreciate her honesty and openness. Fans also have questions about the baby’s name.

In case you missed the news, Jeremy and Audrey’s third child, Radley Knight, arrived in November. He joins four-year-old Ember and two-year-old Bode. The little guy is almost four months old now, and he’s growing up quickly. But she still wanted to share the birth story with her followers.

In a series of Instagram posts this week, Audrey detailed the birth. You can check it out on her Instagram page. It spans across five posts and includes photos and details.

After Audrey shared her son’s birth story with the world, she opened up a Q&A session on Instagram, allowing fans to learn even more about the big day. Fans are sending in many different questions, and Audrey seems happy to be sharing even more details. She’s talked about her stance on modern medicine, her son’s name, and much more.

So, did Audrey and Jeremy Roloff know their son’s name before he arrived?

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Jeremy Roloff

Audrey & Jeremy Roloff reveal whether they chose Radley’s name before birth.

When sharing her birth story, Audrey informed fans that she gave birth at a birth center. Because some of her fans may not be familiar with how birth centers work, they have some questions.

One LPBW fan wanted to know more about the naming process for Radley. They asked about Audrey and Jeremy Roloff choosing their son’s name and whether they knew his name before he arrived.

Audrey shared a throwback photo of herself and Jeremy kissing the baby boy when he was first born. She responded, “Nope and we didn’t.”

The former TLC star doesn’t reveal how long it took them to name the baby. But it didn’t take long because they announced his birth and his name shortly after he arrived.

Audrey Roloff Instagram (LPBW, Jeremy Roloff)

The baby’s name, Radley means “the red meadow.” His middle name is Knight after his grandmother Amy Roloff’s maiden name.

So, what do you think of Radley’s name? Are you surprised to learn that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff didn’t choose his name until after he was born? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Roloff family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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