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Todd Chrisley Warns To Watch Where You Spit

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Chrisley Knows Best star and family patriarch, Todd Chrisley is sharing his words to live on his social media pages and fans are praising his wisdom. The entire Chrisley family is famous for sharing some pretty cryptic posts from time to time. Many fans even make a game out attempting to solve the mysteries behind the posts, including who they are directed to.

Longtime Chrisley fans are aware that the family has a strong bond, that is most of them. Not for lack of trying to build a strong family unit over the years, there have been a few big bumps. Todd took to his Instagram to in a way, get a few things off of his chest. Over the weekend Chrisley shared a quote on his page stating, “Everybody’s a saint when they talk about someone else’s sins.”

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Is Todd Chrisley Worried About Lindsie Releasing A Tell-All Book?

Todd also headed to his comment box to add a few more words of wisdom posting; “Be careful about spitting up in the air, you never know where it might land.”

Many Chrisley family fans are now wondering the meaning behind the post. Some believe that it may be directed towards Todd’s oldest daughter Lindsie Chrisley. Fans are well aware that over the years things between Lindsie and her family have been more than strained. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Lindsie has promised to pen a tell-all-book revealing all the Chrisley family secrets.

Over the years Lindsie Chrisley has spilled bits and pieces of information about her estranged family members, especially her father Todd. Lindsie claims she has had no contact with the family and cares nothing about having anything to do with any of them. Todd claims that he has attempted numerous times to mend fences with Lindsie, adding he is a phone call away should she need him.

Credit: Lindsie Chrisley/YouTube
Credit: Lindsie Chrisley/YouTube

Lindsie Chrisley Swears She Wants Nothing More To Do With Todd Chrisley And Family

Despite the Chrisley family’s attempt to pull Lindsie back into the mix, there has been no luck. So since Lindsie has been teasing her social media followers of the said tell-all, is she now moving forward? If she does write this damaging book of secrets it could be the reason behind Todd Chrisley’s latest post?

Following Todd’s post, coincidentally, or not, Lindsie Chrisley also has a bit to say in a cryptic tone on Instagram just hours later. Her post accompanied a photo of herself and her son Jackson. Written along with the photo,

“Don’t miss what’s coming because you’re crying over what’s gone. God isn’t going to make it like it was before; he is going to make it better.

“The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,” says the Lord almighty. So much goodness coming & I cannot wait to share-

Do you believe there is an untold meaning lurking behind Todd Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley’s recent Instagram posts?

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