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‘Sister Wives:’ Christine Brown’s Daughter Pregnant?

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Is Christine Brown’s daughter pregnant with baby #2? Some Sister Wives fans wonder if little Avalon might be getting a baby brother or sister in the near future. Mykelti Padron was featured on Christine’s recent episode of her new cooking show on TLC.

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While many fans on Reddit admit they hope Mykelti won’t be a regular on the show because they find her to be a bit cringeworthy, there was something they noticed about her. Some fans believe they spotted a small baby bump hiding under her shirt.

Could Mykelti and Tony Padron be pregnant with baby number two?

Is Christine Brown’s daughter pregnant?

Despite not being big fans of Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron, Sister Wives fans absolutely adorable baby Avalon. Mykelti and Tony really came together to create a beautiful baby girl. Some fans admit they don’t really want Mykelti to be a regular on the show. But, they are also just happy to see Christine living her life and spending time with her children. During the episode, fans thought it looked like Mykelti Padron might have been hiding a baby bump under her shirt.

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Mykelti and Tony Padron gave birth to Avalon on April 5, 2021. So, Avalon is less than a month away from being a year old. Christine Brown’s daughter certainly could be pregnant with baby number two. Or, she could just still be working off some of the baby weight from when she had Avalon.

Did Mykelti Padron lose her baby weight already?

As those who follow her on Instagram know, Mykelti Padron joined her mother’s business venture with a weight loss and wellness product. Mykelti has been taking the product for a while now. And, she really looked to have lost all of her baby weight in some of her recent photos.

It is extremely common for someone to lose weight and then get pregnant again. A combination of an increase in her energy and the visual appeal of dropping weight to her husband certainly could have made them go through the motion of making a baby more often.

Do you think Mykelti and Tony Padron could be pregnant with baby #2? Do you think Avalon would enjoy a baby brother or sister? Likewise, do you think Christine Brown would enjoy getting another grandbaby? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, let us know if you think Mykelti had a baby bump in that episode or not.

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  1. The “ the visual appeal of dropping weight to her husband certainly could have made them go through the motion of making a baby more often.”
    WTH? So, are u saying that if women gain weight…pregnancy or otherwise…that husbands can’t/won’t be attracted in them enough to have sex?
    You’ve just set woman back about 50 years.
    Shame on you.

  2. “The visual appeal of her dropping weight to her husband”? Sweet Jesus, Trisha, what century are you in? And – have you seen her husband?? Overweight, ridiculous hair and a slimy, creepy personality. It’s a bloody miracle she goes near HIM, not the other way around! As for Mykelti herself… surely she was switched at birth? She looks absolutely nothing like anyone in that entire family and has none of Christine’s wonderful personality. The pair of them turn me right off.

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