Mama June’s Ex-Hubby Sugar Bear Has A New Hot Mama?

Sugar Bear - YouTube/WeTV

Jennifer Thompson announced that she and Sugar Bear were splitting up at the end of the year. It seems that Mama June’s ex-husband may have already found himself a new love interest. Here’s what he has revealed.

Sugar Bear Has Had A Fairly Public Love Life

Mike Thompson, aka Sugar Bear, has had his love life in the spotlight for some time now. His divorce from Mama June was highly publicized. While they were still together, June discovered that Thompson had set up several dating profiles.¬†Thompson admitted to cheating on Mama June in an episode of WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars.¬†

June went on to tell other cast members that she believed he cheated with more than one person. In fact, she believed that he has relationships with men and women. During the show, she didn’t feel like Sugar Bear ever really came clean.

Sugar Bear - YouTube/WeTV

Credit: YouTube/WeTV

Mama June has also said that Thompson was physically and emotionally abusive while they were together. Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is the only child the couple has together. Since their split, there has been a public custody battle. However, Alana has remained in the custody of her older sister, Pumpkin. Mama June has said that Sugar Bear doesn’t see Alana unless they are filming a show though.

After the public split from Mama June, Sugar Bear eventually found love again. He and Jennifer Thompson had a rather public relationship. She was constantly pushing him to pursue custody of Alana and they dealt with a lot of their problems in the public eye. Jennifer shared she and Mike were splitting up and thanked WeTV for allowing her to be a part of the show(s) for six seasons.

Further posts from Jennifer hinted that Sugar Bear was likely cheating on her and that is why they separated. Fans have also speculated that Sugar Bear lost interest in Jennifer after she lost hundreds of pounds.

Who Is His New Love Interest?

Just a few months later, Thompson has revealed that he has found himself a “new hot mama,” but who is she?

Sugar Bear - social media

Thompson has not yet revealed who his new love interest is. He commented on a social media photo, seen above. Followers and fans rushed to comment on how great he looked. Sugar Bear responded by thanking everyone for their kind words and said, “I did find me a hot mama and im verry happy thanks yall.”

If his partnership with Jennifer is any indication, fans will see Thompson’s new beau on WeTV eventually. Until then, everyone will have to wait for Thompson to reveal his new love interest himself. Sugar Bear doesn’t have the best track record, but maybe she’ll be the one to change his ways.¬† Do you have any guesses as to who Sugar Bear’s new hot mama is?

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