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Janelle Brown Reveals What Man She finds ‘Gorgeous’

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Janelle Brown has been married to Kody Brown for nearly thirty years. At this point, the couple maintains that they really just have a close friendship. So, what man has caught the mom and businesswoman’s eye? She shared her guilty pleasure on Instagram recently.

Janelle Brown’s Tank Is Full Without Kody

Season 16 of Sister Wives was pretty pivotal for Janelle. As the second wife of Kody, she has always been the more business-centric one. She admitted in the first season that she prefers to be out of the home and working. Therefore, third wife Christine was the one who stayed home and raised the collective children. As time went on, Janelle became much more of a mama bear, especially once her daughter Maddie welcomed her first baby. Grandson Axel brought so much joy to the Brown family and softened Janelle in so many ways.

SW Janelle Brown Has A Special Visitor Drop By To Visit [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
By the time they relocated to Flagstaff, all the wives were living so far apart, most were fiercely independent. Janelle was working from home with a few kids living with her when the pandemic hit. She did not care what Kody had to say as she was keeping them close. His rules meant nothing if it meant hurting her children so she stood up to him. By the time of the tell-all, Kody claimed they both were not in love with one another. Christine maintained Janelle did not need Kody’s love to fill her up though Janelle said she was fine. So, who lights her fire then?

One Gorgeous Man

With Kody spending the majority of his time at Robyn’s home, Janelle Brown had no problem finding her own ways to decompress. It seems to have seeped over into 2022. She shared what she planned to do Saturday night via Instagram– watch Reacher on Amazon. Janelle admitted she is a huge fan of both the Tom Cruise movie and the books it is based on. More so, she thinks the star, Alan Ritchson is “gorgeous.” Her followers were quick to chime in with their thoughts on both the show and its hunky star.

Credit: Alan Ritchson IG

“Girl yes he is!! You’re gonna love it! I did. I’m reading the books now bc I liked this series so much,” one commented. Another added: “I watched it because he’s hot, but it ended up being a great series!!!” This was followed by: “You’re gonna love it! It was fantastic and Alan Ritchson is delicious! Enjoy!”

Are you surprised by Janelle’s choice of men especially after being with Kody for so long? Let us know in the comments below.



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