‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 3 Tell-All Part 2 Recap- March 7

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Last week on part one of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all, it was revealed Georgi was not showing up. He had other priorities and felt Darcey should be supporting him. As it turns out, that is all she has been doing down to her engagement ring. The whole family joined, including their friends Debbie and Reina. The conclusion was that Darcey is in love with Georgi but he just wants something from her. His ex-wife, Octavia ultimately came to the stage and shared her time with him. He apparently paid for everything but did have a wandering eye. Darcey still has trouble with this fact. This week, she is faced with her exes and more of her engagement continues to break down.

Darcey and Stacey Confront Georgi’s Past

Last week, Georgi’s ex-wife, Octavia shared he was very flirtatious with other women while they were together. When Darcey and Stacey were asked about this, Stacey immediately brought up certain incidents. Yes, Georgi had no problem being flirtatious with other women. Darcey claims he was networking though she admits it did sting a little but she maintained trust. Host Shaun Robinson asks Stacey what she saw when they were in New York. Stacey saw it one way whereas Darcey maintains it was just networking.

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Florian adds that it could have been networking but Octavia tells him to stop justifying it all. She says he can be very charming and convince you that you are the center of his world. However, he does have that sneaky side that she was hopeful would be rectified when they met up privately. She was impressed how he said how much he loved Darcey, it all seemed positive. Darcey tearfully says that his family is so far away but she knows he loves her and she will be there for him. Now, Octavia exits gracefully with Michael Benz taking her place.

Brother Benz Weighs In

Michael Benz was not too keen on Georgi when he first met him in Miami. Though Georgi and Darcey were working through their issues, Michael only knew the bad that he had heard. He ended up grilling Georgi until the point of it being so uncomfortable, even Florian was catching heat. In Michael’s eyes, the twins are like sisters to him and he is extremely protective. In the end, the boys made up but with Georgi not showing up for the tell-all, this could be bad all around. He appears to be very happy to see Florian again and of course his twins.

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The twins have always supported and respected Michael from the beginning and vice versa. Michael admits he is supportive of Florian and Stacey’s relationship. He believes it is genuine and now looks at Florian as his boy. Shaun asks Michael if not having a biological child could impact the relationship. He believes it could be somewhat of a hindrance yet also feels they have a plan somewhere deep and it will all work out. Right now, Stacey is grateful for the sons she does have and they are trying. It will not make or break their marriage in the end.

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Flipping it back to Georgi and the incident when Michael first met him in Miami and the argument ensued. Michael says it was an immediate red flag. Florian does think it was Michael’s fault yet Georgi flips fast. What cameras did not catch was Georgi poured a drink on Michael when he was protecting Darcey. Georgi had a wandering eye, would not give Darcey her debit card back so Michael went into big bro mode.

What Is Love? Darcey And Stacey Style

Shaun now asks Michael if he thinks Georgi is in love with Darcey. He maintains that there are two different types of love. Georgi is not trying as hard as he should and wants more than he should. Of course, this is the perfect segway to bring in Jesse Meester, Darcey’s ex. Michael has been invited to stick around for this segment, as well. An old clip from Bares All, shows Jesse claiming he still received texts from Darcey, something she vehemently denies. She also says she has not reached out to his mother and does not have his number anymore. This apparently all happened while she was with Georgi.

90 day fiance Jesse meester
90 day fiance Jesse meester

He appears via video chat and Michael has never met Jesse before. Jesse claims he is there to ensure she has moved on and believes she has not. She has said nothing about him so there is a lot of confusion so this makes Florian fume. He wants to know why Jesse even feels the need to be there so he starts to get combative to the screen. Jesse cannot take him seriously while Michael is just sitting there smirking. The biggest problem for Flrroian is that Jesse is putting it all on Darcey when he was not perfect in the relationship.

Reaching Out To Exes

Michael chimes in and tells him he was not perfect and that it is just time to move on. A clip of Georgi video chatting Jesse in Season 2 plays. That was his way of retaliation towards Darcey after she contacted Octavia. He claimed Darcey was cheating on him with Tom which Georgi did not believe. Jesse tries to defend himself but Florian is having none of it but Michael tells him to calm down. He believes Jesse is getting off on Florian getting heated so Florian storms off with Michael following him.

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Michael thinks Jesse is still bitter while Stacey tells Shaun that Florian does not appreciate Jesse talking the way he is. Outside, Michael is trying to calm Florian down. He tells him they are lucky Jesse is not there in person because they would have probably beaten his butt. Shaun explains to Jesse why Georgi is not there and how he did not want to be confronted. Jesse thinks he should have come anyways but is frustrated Florian keeps talking over him.

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Time for Tom Brooks to come in and it is the first time Tom, Jesse, and Darcey are all going to be together. Tom maintains they were just friends when she was with Jesse so it was not cheating. Georgi did contact him but he declined, unlike Jesse and Tom tells Jesse there comes a point you move on. Jesse reminds Tom he is there, as well so are they the same?

The Mess Of Darcey And Stacey?

Jesse claims that Tom reached out to him when things went sour with him and Darcey. Tom just wants to say “cheers” and be happy. Darcey admits what her exes have said hurt and equates it to bullying. She does not want her daughters to hear and read these things. She maintains Jesse hurt her the most however Tom says he was the worst. Why? Simply because they had a friendship and he knew what Jesse had done to her. He could have treated her better and did not. Now Jesse says he feels really bad for hurting her and wants the best for her so she accepts his apology.

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This closes the chapter on Darcey’s exes and Michael Benz, for now, and he has a love for Florian which is sweet. It is time for the tell-all to conclude and Stacey says this is healing. Florian apologizes for losing his cool but he was there for a lot of her relationships so he doesn’t want to see her hurt. At the time, Georgi and Darcey were preparing to go live with her dad since they tripled the apartment rent. They are all thinking about moving to Miami since they have family and work there.

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Going backstage, Darcey thinks Jesse apologized to save face but believes Tom’s was genuine. She knows there will be wrath from Georgi as Papa Mike does not believe they have a realistic view of their relationship. Stacey says she will stick by her sister’s side but knows she deserves better. Two days later…Georgi tried to trigger Darcey at the hotel room when she returned so she broke it off for good. He moved back to D.C.

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Amanda Lauren


  1. Darcey is so desperate for love and to be a wife, like her daddy Mike said, makes really bad choices. Darcey was actually pretty when she first met Jesse. In their efforts to improve their looks, both of the twins have overdone everything. Nothing about them is real now. Georgi is and was a gigolo and Darcey was so desperate, she bought the BS. I admit, I love their show but that does not stop me from feeling sorry for the desperation involved.

  2. I’m not sure why the whole tell-all picked on Darcey. Stacy has issues too to pick on, she’s not such an angel. Stacy gossips about Darcey behind her back and never usually has Darcey’s back, to begin with. She also has an overprotective husband. Florian is also living off of Stacy’s money which makes Stacy a bit of a hypocrite. Will there be another tell-all that picks on Stacy too? Honestly, the show is called Darcey and Stacy, not just Darcey.

  3. Stacey and Darcey both look swollen and smooth after their recent plastic surgeries. They don’t even look like themselves anymore, they were actually cute before. Faces so full, with blown out lips plus their ample busts . they overdid the work. They’re 47 and not sex kittens anymore.

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