‘Sister Wives’: Which Of Kody Brown’s Wives Banks The Most Cash?

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TLC fans can always be counted on to be curious about the lives of Kody Brown and his wives. How their relationships work, how they live, and how they rank in Kody’s life. Since day one fans’ curiosity remains on high alert. Over the past several months there have been a lot of high changes happening within the family.

These changes have involved relocating, conflict within the family, divorce, and some changes in finances. Fans have asked which one of Kody Brown’s wives ranks top when it comes to their net worth? Especially now that Kody and Christine have parted ways. There has been a lot of fan conflict as to which of Kody’s wives is now his number one since the split. Many believe it is Robyn. However, the answer may surprise even the biggest fan.

Kody Brown - YouTube
Kody Brown – YouTube

Kody Brown Set His Wives Up Financially

While Kody Brown’s current net worth is listed at a whopping $800,000 who do you believe wife has the biggest bank account between Robyn, Janelle, Meri, and ex-Christine?

Per Distractifty¬† two¬†of the women are exactly equal when it comes to their bank account net worth. Starting off with Kody’s ex Christine. She is currently listed at a $400,000 net worth. However, things could rapidly change for Christine since her split from Kody. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Christine has been offered her own cooking series Cooking With Just Christine and this net worth number could very well double depending on the success of the show.

Tied for last place with Christine is Janelle Brown, worth an equal $400,000. Most of Janelle’s wealth comes from TLC’s Sister Wives, however, if Janelle decides to pursue her dream in real estate, then she too could add to her total in no time.

Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube


Is Robyn Brown Planning To Take Over Everything?

In the second place, it is Robyn Brown with $600,000…BUT, there have been multiple sources according to The Cinemaholic that claim that Robyn was basically broke before she met Kody. Crazy thing, but fans often comment on just how well Robyn Brown is doing for herself these days. Not only does she have the Sister Wives money, but she also runs an online clothing and jewelry boutique called My Sister Wife’s Closet, but all of the Brown wives have a stake in the boutique business.

Don’t let Robyn fool you, she stays very hands-on when it comes to business. She is also the author of three books, co-owner of multiple family properties, and the Head wife in charge of the family blog. So the $600,000 estimate of her net is just that an estimate. Many also believe at this point in time, Robyn reportedly may have more money than Kody Brown.


Credit: YouTube

Last but not least is Meri Brown, who before Roby came along was wife number one and also head in net worth with $800,000. Meri has earned her money through good old-fashioned hard work, there are the reality series checks and her work with LulaRoe. So there is the list of net worths of the wives of Kody Brown. With Meri in the lead, but, if the s[speculation is true about Robyn that could all change very suddenly.

Were you surprised by Kody Brown’s Sister Wives’ bank numbers?






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