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Did Meri Brown Dupe Kody Into Marriage & Polygamy?

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Sister Wives viewers are all too familiar with the drama that goes on in the Brown household. But over time, Kody Brown made it clear he really only has an interest in one wife — Robyn. Now some fans speculate that Meri Brown may be behind the family’s polygamist lifestyle in the first place.

Is it possible that Kody never wanted to be a polygamist? Keep reading to find out what has fans buzzing online.

Kody did mention that Meri “deceived” him at one point in the show

Kody and Meri Brown are clearly unhappy in their marriage — so why did it even happen in the first place? Reddit users discussed the matter on a recent thread. Moderators removed the original comment, but the title remains.

“Why does Kody say Meri ‘deceived’ him at the start of their marriage?” a user wonders.

“I thought he said she did a good job concealing her true personality,” another user replied. “Maybe that’s just how I interpreted it. Silly because people change over time. It’s likely she is different from the person he married but not due to deception.”

Others thought that maybe it had something to do with her desire to have a polygamist family.

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“Yeah I mean you get married young and think ‘I’m gonna have like 8 kids and we’re gonna have multiple wives and it’s gonna be a great big happy family!'” another Reddit user suggests. “Then life comes and you realize you can’t have as many kids as you thought and the new wife and you are so different you can’t get along and then resentment builds. I mean obviously she’s not the same person as when you met. That’s normal. Who’s the same person as when they were 19?”

But what do you think of the whole situation? Did Meri Brown actually deceive Kody or is this another one of his angry rants? We’re curious to know what you think in the comments.

The Sister Wives women start prioritizing self-love

No matter how the marriage started out, it’s clear the relationship between Kody and Meri Brown is crumbling these days. During the pandemic, he chose to quarantine with Robyn’s family, which definitely caused a lot of tension between himself and the rest of the sister wives.

Christine Brown ultimately left the family and it seems like Meri and Janelle are looking for greener pastures too. They’re still part of the sister wives, but there isn’t much love between themselves and Kody Brown.

In fact, Meri even opted to send herself a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Sister Wives fans appreciate that she’s engaging in self-love, but also felt really sad that Kody wouldn’t give her any flowers.

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  1. I don’t think it’s all that cryptic after all Kody divorced her to marry Robyn. So she did take her place as the only officially married wife to Kody I get it was so he could adopt Robyn’s other kids but she still took that from Meri!

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