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Colton Underwood Shows Kanye West Support Amid Stalking Claims

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Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood shows his support for Kanye West amid claims of stalking. How did fans react to the strange allyship? Keep reading for all the details.

Reality star moves on after harsh split from Cassie Randolph

Less than one year after coming out as gay, Colton Underwood announced that he’s engaged to a man. While many Bachelor Nation fans are happy for the reality star, others can’t forget how Underwood’s relationship with Cassie Randolph ended.

When the contestant eliminated herself on The Bachelor, Colton famously jumped a fence, intending to quit the show. The two reconciled after Underwood begged for a second chance.

While they didn’t get engaged per the show standard, the couple did date for a little under two years. Their breakup originally seemed amicable. However, a few months later, Randolph filed for a restraining order against her ex. Additionally, she filed a police report claiming Underwood stalked her. Among her allegations, she claimed that he put a tracking device on her car.

She dropped the police report and the restraining order shortly afterward, amid rumors of a settlement between the two. Neither has shared specific details of the incident.

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Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph/Credit: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube

Colton Underwood did vaguely address his behavior on his Netflix series Coming Out Colton. The streaming service documented the former Bachelor star coming out to his friends and family. 

Underwood will compete on the upcoming CBS show Beyond the Edge.

Colton Underwood shows support for Kanye West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bitter divorce is dominating headlines these days. Mostly due to Kanye’s controversial and deeply personal social media posts. The posts include references – and even perceived threats – to Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

One post attributed to West made its way to Reddit. A discussion came up about a certain comment on the post. Bachelor alum Colton Underwood seemed to show support for Kanye by dropping three heart emojis, Heavy reports.

Why fans are upset about the gesture

Many people replying to the Reddit thread criticized Underwood for validating Kanye West’s behavior toward his estranged wife. Behavior which many are likening to stalking and harassment.

Several people didn’t find it surprising that Underwood was supporting an alleged toxic abuser. “This is not surprising, I’m sure Colton sympathizes with Kanye’s behavior right now,” one commenter wrote.

“Proof Colton hasn’t learned a thing and was literally rewarded with a tv show for being an abuser,” wrote another.

Several comments pointed out that Kanye West’s post was actually a repost from rapper Kid Cudi. Click here to read the entire thread on Reddit.

Does it surprise you that Colton Underwood supports Kanye West? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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