Old Clip Highlights Christine Brown’s Toxic Sister Wives

Sister Wives Christine Brown

Christine Brown shared she felt very excluded towards the end of her time with her Sister Wives family. She did not quite realize she would ultimately be leaving Kody. However, she started to make comments implying the women hated her. They claimed this was the furthest thing from the truth but for her, she could not help her pain. Now, someone on Reddit found an old clip of Christine being completely disregarded by her sister wives and Kody. This is just further proof leaving was the best decision in more ways than one.

Christine Brown Sacrifices Herself

One thing that became clear as Christine’s time with the family came to an end was how much she gave up for polygamy. The mother of six always seemed so invested in the lifestyle and claimed she wanted the wives, not just the husband. As time went by, it became clear Christine was the one who was always giving so much of herself and getting little in return. Kody was constantly bashing and name-calling her, even referring to her as a cry baby. Early in the series, it came out he was not even attracted to her when they first started dating. Yet, she stayed because she seemed to truly love him.

Christine Brown via YouTube
Christine Brown via YouTube

Once the decision to finally end the marriage came to be, a lot was revealed about Christine and Kody. He loved her when she was obedient but once she stood up to him and said no more, he felt betrayed. Yet, she had no choice because she had nothing left to give and stopped thinking of herself. She raised her and Janelle’s children, now she needed to be able to live for herself. Furthermore, she wanted someone who loved her for all that she was and this person was not Kody.

The Toxic Wives

It has been reported that Janelle’s daughter Maddie struggled with Meri growing up. Meri made it no secret she liked her privacy so Janelle would have to sneak around to see Christine. This occurred when they lived in the one-home setup in Utah. Meri also admitted to being slightly jealous of second wife Janelle but extremely jealous of Christine though she has no idea why. Robyn openly says there was never any effort on Christine and Janelle’s part when she joined the family.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

Now, a clip from an old episode of Sister Wives has been posted on Reddit where Kody and the wives appear to be camping. Christine Brown gets upset and storms off, Kody gives an attitude while the other three wives just laughed. Admittedly, it took time for Christine and Janelle’s relationship to grow as tight as it is today but fans were shocked. “It FELT really mean to me. Christine was probably going inside to cry and they’re laughing,” one Redditor commented.

Christine Brown, YouTube

Another added: “Because they are catty bi%£es when they get together and constantly jockeying for positions. I guess they hadn’t realized that Sobyn was already #1, 2, 3, and 4.” Many went on to call Kody a narcissist among other things but in the end, the only wife who’s truly happy is Robyn. Guess this clip did not age well.

Does it shock you to see the mean girl sister wives or remind you of why this family has fallen apart? Let us know in the comments.

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