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‘Love Is Blind’: Iyanna Reacts To Jarrette & Mallory’s Scene In Mexico

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Now that Love Is Blind Season 2 is over, fans want to know which couples are still together and which ones parted ways for good.

If you had a chance to tune into the reunion special, then you already know that Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones are still happily married. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s been an easy road.

Iyanna even revealed that parts of Season 2 were really difficult to watch. Keep reading to find out how she reacted to certain scenes.

Love Is Blind stars Iyanna and Jarrette get real about their time on the show

Following the end of Love Is Blind, Us Weekly had the chance to catch up with the happy couple. During the reunion special, Iyanna admitted that she couldn’t watch the entire season with Jarrette. The scene where he and Mallory had a deep conversation in Mexico was especially painful.

“For me, watching it was really awkward,” Iyanna admitted to Us Weekly.

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“I knew about the conversation beforehand. They both told me about it, but I think they both kind of forgot the details of it,” the Love Is Blind star continued. “So when I watched, I was like, ‘Ah, God.’ Like, it was just so awkward. But at the same time, while the feelings felt fresh, I was constantly reminding myself, ‘That’s not who he is.’ And he’s proven for almost nine months now who he actually is. I’m not gonna make excuses for him, but I think it was just how fresh everything was.”

Jarrette wasn’t very comfortable watching it all either. He admitted he got caught up in the moment of seeing Mallory for the first time, but still feels embarrassed about his behavior. He says in hindsight, he really regrets the conversation and knows it doesn’t paint him in the best light.

The Joneses are happily moving on with their lives after the show

But now that the drama is behind them, Jarrette and Iyanna are moving forward with their marriage and seem to be really happy.

“She’s a better fit for me because she’s everything that I needed,” Jarette said about his wife, Iyanna. “On paper, me and Mal would’ve worked out. … I think with Iyanna — she was vastly different and I think those differences are things that I needed in my life to help me grow and be a better person and be a better husband.”

If you want to catch the entire interview, you can do that here:

The Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion special is now available to view on Netflix. If you really want to catch up with the Season 2 cast, now is your chance.

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