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Does ‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard End Up With Rachel Recchia?

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Fans have been loving flight instructor Rachel Recchia on The Bachelor. She and Clayton Echard had an instant connection and it’s only seemed to grow. In fact, it has grown so much that many think Clayton ends up with her. What is known about Clayton’s dramatic ending and does he really end up with Rachel? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Does Clayton Echard choose Rachel Recchia?

The Bachelor Clayton Echard hit it off with Rachel Recchia right away. It seems their connection has only grown as the weeks have progressed. Now, Clayton is down to three women. Who will he choose? Will it be Rachel?

Many believe their connection is so obvious it has to be Clayton’s final pick. However, things appear to be getting stickier as the finale edges closer.

Fans now know that Clayton told all three of these remaining women he loves them. It appears this decision will come back to haunt him. Reality Steve weighed in on what he knows about the finale.

According to Steve, Clayton is not with Rachel. He said his sources are sharing that he did not leave Iceland with Rachel, has had no happy couple visits and is not with Rachel today.

Also, according to The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, this season is spoiler proof because the ending has not happened yet. Accurate information? Reality Steve believes there’s some truth to this statement.

He also doesn’t know if Clayton being with Rachel could change at the After the Final Rose special.

Speculation continues as the finale edges closer

Reality Steve said he’s certain of three things in regards to the finale. He said, “1) Was told that this season does NOT have a traditional ending. 2) Was told that he was NOT with Rachel. 3) Was told that there was no finality to the season in Iceland.”

Clayton has also said that things get messy. In fact, when asked to describe the next few episodes and the finale on ClickBait, Clayton said “chaotic.”

Plus, Clayton realizes people are going to judge him and form opinions. However, he asks that everyone reserve judgment until they see the reasons behind how he handled certain situations.

Fans who were hoping Clayton chooses Rachel in Iceland are expressing their disappointment on social media. One fan said, “Awww they were cute tho.” Another said it’s clear Rachel loves him so they will take what was said with a grain of salt.

Other fans said they aren’t shocked at all. One said, “I’m not shocked at all. I’m convinced it’s HIM who ends up leaving. And they’re all single!”

What do you think? Is Steve wrong and Clayton is with Rachel?

Don’t miss the next two weeks of The Bachelor to find out how it all plays out.



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  1. If h does not make a decision at the end, he needs to find Rachel, she is truly in love with Clayton! What a wife to have, if he does not get her back, if things go haywire, he is making the biggest mistake of his life. She deserves a 3 carat diamond on that finger. He needs to grab her and go with it. He won’t find a beautiful woman that loves him so much. Get her and marry her in time, you crazy man. Love is blind and you don’t love all those women, just think you do. Rachel is for you! She is a special girl. Gabby has other concerns and Susie should be the next Bachelorette, she may love some, but never like Rachel does. Man you are passing up a true woman who is in love with you, not just on the edge. You are in love with Rachel, more than anyone, we have seen this for awhile now. Clayton grab her!

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