Will ‘LPBW’ Star Tori And Zach Roloff’s Baby Be A Little Person?

Tori Roloff

It was back on November 17, 2021, that LPBW stars Zach and Tori Roloff announced they were expecting their third child. The news followed Tori’s tragic miscarriage earlier that year. While the Little People, Big World previously gave fans a peek into their pregnancies, things are different this time around. However, fans are wanting to know Tori’s due date. Meanwhile, they are also interested to know whether the new baby has achondroplasia dwarfism, like Jackson and Lilah.

When will LPBW star Tori Roloff give birth?

LPBW stars Zach and Tori Roloff announced the news of the pregnancy on Instagram. Zach wrote that his wife was looking “as beautiful as ever.”

LPBW stars Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori [Image TLC UK/YouTube]
Meanwhile, the couple made a post, featuring several images including Tori’s Sonogram. The post was captioned, “Baby Roloff will be joining us this spring and we are so grateful to God for this sweet gift!” The post featured a number of images, including Tori’s sonogram.

At the time of the announcement, neither Zach nor Tori revealed their third baby’s due date, but since then, they have given an idea.

When is Tori Roloff’s baby due?

While Tori has not shared her due date with LPBW fans, however, her Instagram posts do give a clue. For instance, on December 28, Tori posted a bump picture to Instagram with the caption, “and we’re halfway there!”

As a normal pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks, this could mean Tori’s baby is due sometime around mid-May, 2022.

Most moms can probably identify with Zach’s lovely wife after her latest Instagram Story revealed that she is suffering from heartburn.

Has Tori Roloff of LPBW revealed her due date?
[Image @toriroloff/Instagram]
On one image, Tori noted that her heartburn had returned and that she has been dying in bed all day. She even pointed out that she was eating healthy, as she had a salad that day. However, it turns out the salad actually made the heartburn worse. Meanwhile, on that second image, Tori wrote, “Tryna [sic] be healthy! Maybe it’s not for pregnant Tori haha.”

Will LPBW stars Tori and Zach have another baby with dwarfism?

LPBW fans are also curious as to whether Tori’s third baby will be born with achondroplasia dwarfism, like Jackson and Lilah. Previously, she underwent extra testing and ultrasounds to determine ahead of time if Jackson and Lilah had dwarfism. However, this time around, she revealed in an Instagram Q&A that it is likely that the third baby will be the same.

Has Tori Roloff of LPBW revealed her due date?
[Image @toriroloff/Instagram]
She was hoping it would be a surprise this time around, but if her doctors tell her she needs a C-section “it makes it sort of obvious.”

After making that statement the TLC reality star clarified her answer, saying they won’t know if he or she is a dwarf until further into the pregnancy. She wrote, “And with dwarves, it’s encouraged to have a C-section because of bigger head size. I was saying I’d love to not know but IF my doc says I need a C-section, it would be obvious to us.”

LPBW Zach, Tori, Jackson and Lilah
LPBW Zach, Tori, Jackson and Lilah [Image TLC UK/YouTube]
While Zach and Tori probably do know whether they are having another baby with dwarfism, they could be just keeping it to themselves. LPBW fans should keep following her Instagram for more news of the little one. Hopefully, we’ll know more before the next season of Little People, Big World airs.

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