Fans Are Loving Gabby Windey & Her Grandpa On ‘The Bachelor’

Gabby Windey via YouTube

Bachelor Nation is loving Gabby Windey and her family. The Denver ICU nurse made a huge impression during hometowns on The Bachelor. She took Clayton Echard to meet her extended family. They met her grandpa, her aunt, her uncle, and her cousin. Her family will go down in Bachelor history as some of the best. Keep reading to find out more.

Fans adore Gabby Windey and her grandpa

Fans of The Bachelor are loving former Denver Broncos Cheerleader, Gabby Windey. They are also loving her grandpa. He made quite the television debut during her hometown date in Denver with Clayton Echard.

Monsters & Critics shared some about what exactly fans are saying about Gabby and her family.

Since her father was not in attendance during her hometown date, Gabby brought the next best thing, her grandfather. He was hilarious and have fans everywhere loving him.

One favorite part was when Gabby’s grandpa told Clayton she’s always been a “dingbat.”

Clayton and Gabby via YouTube
Clayton and Gabby via YouTube

In fact, fans loved grandpa so much many went to Twitter to start petitioning for him to be The Bachelor for the senior edition of the show. Some fans even voiced wanting to have Gabby’s grandpa co-host Bachelor in Paradise with Wells Adams.

It’s definite he has been one of America’s favorite parts of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. One fan tweeted, “Gabby and her grandpa may be one of my favorite bachelor cast ever. Omg, when grandpa laughed about Gabby’s off color entrance, it was amazing. From the word dingbat to marriage advice, he’s one heck of an awesome human.”

Gabby's Grandpa via YouTube

Gabby for The Bachelorette?

Fans not only loved Gabby’s grandpa they also loved her more. In fact, many are saying that if she doesn’t win Clayton’s heart, they want to see her as The Bachelorette. One fan even suggested that Gabby’s grandpa could travel along with her and give her advice throughout her Bachelorette journey.

There are also a few alums of The Bachelor who think Gabby should be the next lead. Recall, Gabby previously dated Dean Unglert and is friends with Blake Horstmann. Dean said before Clayton’s season aired that if Gabby didn’t win he could definitely see her being the next Bachelorette. 

Gabby made Clayton’s cut to the final three and will go to Iceland where they will have fantasy suite dates.

So far, nobody knows exactly what happens at Clayton’s big finale.

Who do you think will win? What did you think of Gabby and her grandpa?

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  1. Many of you should realize is that many sites and social media claims that Rachel is going to win the bachelor and Clayton’s heart but to me I am not going to believe that Rachel is going to win to be honest with you all I notice that how Clayton feels about gabby he loves spending time with her she makes Clayton happy .

    Gabby and Clayton are true love I hope that he will propose to her and have a bright together and hopefully they will have children

    I vote gabby to win not Rachel

  2. Rachel and Clayton

    I do like Rachel but in the way i see her together with Clayton I noticed there is something going on which I don’t like about her is that she the type of a person who tries to take advantage of Clayton love to her

  3. Clayton please propose gabby cause she is the love of your life

    Clayton and gabby future wife and husband to be

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