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Artem Chigvintsev & Nikki Bella Choose To Stay Unmarried For Now

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WWE superstar Nikki Bella and DWTS pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev got engaged quite some time ago. It’s two years later and the two still haven’t made any concrete wedding plans.

In the past, Nikki dished that she wanted COVID-19 restrictions to be lighter before they got married. Artem’s parents live in Russia and right now they would have a really tough time making it to the United States. And now, things may be even more complicated with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

But even though they don’t have any plans set in stone, both Nikki and Artem feel confident in their relationship. They may not end up tying the knot after all. Keep reading to see where their heads are at these days.

Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella still want to get married — but there’s a lot on their plates right now

Both Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella are incredibly busy people these days. Artem just recovered from a bout of pneumonia and is back on the DWTS tour with his castmates. Meanwhile, Nikki is a judge on America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

But even so, it seems like there’s a lot of love in the relationship.

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Both Nikki and Artem penned sweet Valentine’s Day notes to each other this year. Even though their work schedules keep them busy, they still make time for their relationship.

But what about the wedding bells?

On a recent episode of The Bellas Podcast, Nikki Bella once again touched on the subject.

“I will be getting married, and I can’t wait,” the WWE superstar told her sister Brie Bella. “I do me, for me. So that means I’ll marry Artem when I want, for me and [Matteo] and him for my life.”

“Back in the day, people would race to the courthouse to get married. Nowadays we’re all very progressive,” Brie agreed. “Some people are realizing they don’t need a certificate to feel married. You and Artem act married. No one expects people to get married anymore.”

Nikki went on to insist that she did want a wedding, but just didn’t feel the need to rush anything at the moment. As a child of divorce, Nikki Bella also wants to ensure that the timing is right and divorce won’t be on the table for her and Artem.

Nikki also doesn’t want to risk going through a divorce

In an interview with E!, Nikki Bella continued to say why she and Artem Chigvintsev want to keep waiting for their wedding.”Once I had Matteo and I started to raise him, I was like, when I say ‘I do,’ I want to make sure it’s forever,” the 38-year-old wrestler told the publication. “I know there are things that Artem wants too—like he really wants his parents there—but also, overall, I don’t want my son to go through a divorce.”

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She says for now, she’s content with the family dynamic that she and Artem have at the moment. She added that he’s a great father to their little boy Matteo and she’s thankful for that.

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